Yoga's popularity is growing globally, with countries recognising and practicing centuries-old tradition with its roots in India. After the United National General Assembly recognised June 21 as International Yoga Day, many countries take part in events to celebrate the occasion with grand-scale yoga events. Even Saudi Arabia is at the same pace as other countries in practising and promoting yoga in the country.

Saudi Yoga Committee, a government body that acts as a federation established by the Saudi Arabia Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sports, is seen actively promoting yoga in the country and with immense success. In 2017, the Kingdom approved the teaching and practice of yoga as a sport in the country. From partaking in the 100 days countdown campaign to hosting first int'l Yoga Therapy Conference, Saudi Yoga Committee is taking yoga to unreached corners of the country.

How yoga got major boost in Saudi; expedited licenses, investments through KSA's Nafs [details]
How yoga got major boost in Saudi; expedited licenses, investments through KSA's Nafs [details]

In a major boost to its efforts, Saudi Yoga Committee, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, launched its own page on "Nafs" platform.

Benefits of Nafs platform extends to yoga

The aim of the Nafs project, which comes under the umbrella of the Quality of Life Program, is to enable the private sector - be it local or foreign investors to invest in the Kingdom's sports sector and to establish and expand clubs, academies and private gyms. This project allows investors to issue licenses through Nafs platform, achieving therefore the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and diversifying its economic sources toward building a healthy society.

Burgeoning yoga awareness in Saudi Arabia; commences 81-day countdown to IDY-2022

By joining Nafs, Saudi Yoga Committee is ensuring investment in yoga as a sport is encouraged by opening studios, academies and institutes. Additionally, it will clarify all requirements for investors and expedite the issuance of licenses.

Interest in yoga across the Middle East is evident from the growing number of Arabic-speaking yoga trainers and influencers online. Yoga events organised in Saudi Arabia drive thousands of enthusiasts from across the country. For instance, the first-ever yoga festival in the country earlier this year witnessed a gathering of more than 1,000 people at the Juman Park in King Abdullah Economic City. Last year, an MoU was also signed between AYUSH Ministry and Sports Ministry, including Saudi Yoga Committee.