A viral video that claims to show a Saudi engineer brutally beating up an Indian worker engaged in the Grand Mosque expansion work in Mecca has raked up a major debate in Saudi Arabia. The video, which was initially shared on Facebook, has been viewed by thousands of social media users across the globe.

The shocking video shows a Saudi engineer beating up an Indian worker, who repeatedly tries to apologise. In the nearly two-minute video, the construction worker is seen pleading for mercy, while the Saudi engineer continues to kick and flog him. The engineer also spits on him after repeatedly slapping him.

Tarek Fatah, a Canadian journalist, who shared the video on his Facebook page posted it with the caption: "Saudis beat an Indian to pulp. Are we surprised then when a Saudi diplomat rapes Indian and Nepalese woman in Delhi as a matter of his right?"

[Click here to watch video: Warning disturbing content]

The incident has raked up a major debate in Saudi Arabia, where a lawyer has asked the government to take legal action against the engineer. Lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Mushaiti has approached the Saudi government to arrest the engineer, Saudi Gazette reported.

Al Mushaiti noted that the treatment of the worker was "inhumane" and swift legal action must be taken to punish the guilty.

Many in Saudi Arabia, who shared the video, noted that the actions of the engineer were shameful and the humiliation that he meted out to the worker should be condemned.

Social Media Reactions

Vikram Malhotra

How inhuman one could be! My heart goes out to this man and all
the people of the world who are trapped in difficult situations. God has given these perpetrators a field to play out their deeds - and they don't realise what karma they are accumulating. Judgement day! Their five-time prayer will not get them anywhere close to the gates of hell!

Gauri Lankesh

This is how Saudis treat Indians. And Modi's government allows the rapist to escape.