Sibiraj's Sathya
Sibiraj's Sathya.PR Handout

Sibiraj has collaborated with Pradeep Krishnamoorthy for his latest venture Sathya, a remake of Telugu movie Kshanam. The film has Remya Nambeesan in the female lead and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar will be seen in a key character. Santhish Anandraj, Ravi Varma and others are part of the supporting cast.

Simon K King has composed music for Sathya and a few tracks that include Yavvana have struck the chord with the viewers. Arunmani Palani and Goutham Ravichandran are the other members of the technical team who have handled the cinematography and editing departments, respectively.

Sathya is a whodunit thriller that deals about a missing child. Sibiraj, an NRI comes to the rescue of his ex-girlfriend played by Remya Nambeesan, who tells him that her daughter is missing and none are beliveving her words.  The confusion around whether her daughter is missing and was there a child at the first place will be narrated with a plethora of twists that stun the viewers every time they surface.

Sathya, which will have its theatrical release on Friday, December 8, was screened for the media people on Thursday evening, December 7 and it has garnered positive reviews from them. Below, we bring to you the comments posted by those, who have already seen the Tamil flick:

Sreedhar Pillai: #Sathya is a well made gripping thriller with a lot of twists and turns neat screenplay, awesome music & BGM. @Sibi_Sathyaraj holds it together along with a terrific supporting cast.

Rajasekar‏: #Sathya - 3.5/5, fantastic suspense crime thriller. Easily the best of @Sibi_Sathyaraj, looks fresh and delivered a matured subtle performance. One more important film for @varusarath

Sridevi Sreedhar‏: #Sathya is one of the best crime thriller that I watched this year.. Gripping, taut & unpredictable plot @Sibi_Sathyaraj excels in the title role along with awesome bgm and camerawork #SathyaFromTomorrow #SathyaFromDec8th

Kaushik LM: #Sathya - All characters have their well defined parts. True blue ensemble multistarrer in this sense.. @Sibi_Sathyaraj, @varusarath, @nambessan_ramya, @actorsathish, YogiBabu Anandaraj & co. do a fine job. Well managed by Dir Pradeep..
#Sathya 2nd half - Good one! The suspense drama resolves in a beautiful emotional finale. The climax lifts the show.. A remake well-done by the team
#Sathya 1st half - Having not seen #Kshanam, it's really interesting to see this. Lots of questions and guessing games! Can already say it's the most convincing @Sibi_Sathyaraj film. Eager to see the 2nd half..

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏: #Sathya - Sensible and well written thriller. Congrats @Sibi_Sathyaraj brother for the success !! Did not see even one person dissattisifed with the Movie !
#Sathya - Anand Raj sir. Gokka makka, what an actor!! The dialogues and the delivery , loved every bit of it !!

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Quite enjoyed #Sathya, a fitting, faithful remake of #Kshanam featuring solid ensemble performances. @Sibi_Sathyaraj plays his part aptly and is well complemented by @varusarath, @actorsathish and Anandraj.

Surendhar MK: #Sathya is a gripping, solid suspense thriller. A faithful, worthy remake of #Kshanam. Well done @Sibi_Sathyaraj, @nambessan_ramya, @varusarath

Sujith‏: #Sathya
A fantastic suspense thriller with top notch performance from the lead, rofl #YogiBabu, astounding RR n BGM, gripping screenplay. Go watch !
@Sibi_Sathyaraj @nambessan_ramya @Directorpradeep