Saroj Priyadarshi

In a vast pool of supremely talented professionals with expertise in the IT and software domains, standing ahead in the competition and making one's own unique place is a challenging task that only a few can handle. Saroj is one of those remarkable individuals who stands out amidst the crowd. As a Site Reliability Engineer, he has consistently demonstrated his outstanding skills and dedication, proving time and again to be an invaluable asset to every organization fortunate enough to have him on their team. Whether it's the high-stakes world of banking, the precision-driven automotive industry, or the dynamic realm of IT giants, Saroj's commitment to excellence and his ability to ensure the reliability and optimal performance of the critical systems make him stand out in the field. Notably, he is among less than 1% of SRE in North America who have domain experience in automotive, Retail, and Banking domains.

Saroj Priyadarshi, who presently holds a key role at Kar Global, plays an instrumental part in the IT department has a Master's degree in IT Management from the prestigious Kelley School of Business in 2023 and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from VMKV Engineering College. Saroj's educational foundation is both comprehensive and impressive. His focus is primarily on Site Reliability Engineering, encompassing the management of niche technologies like Cloud Engineering, System Resiliency Engineering, Infrastructure Platform Migration, Automation, and DevOps methodology implementation.

What truly sets him apart, however, is his extensive list of certifications, including AWS Certified Solution Architect, Microsoft Certified Solution Architect, ITIL V4 Certification, and HashiCorp Certification for Infrastructure Automation. This arduous combination of academic excellence and industry-recognized certifications has equipped Saroj with the knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking needed to excel in the dynamic field of IT Infrastructure Management and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). His expertise has aided organizations to optimize their services and global availability in the broader context of both the economy and homeland security. He has greatly benefited prestigious brands like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Baker Hughes, BMW, Starbucks, and T-Mobile.

Saroj's impact on IT is profound. Leading a team at Kar Global, he helps in migration to cloud data centers, optimizing global systems for a unified vehicle marketplace. His expertise led to saving millions through server efficiency and architected cloud systems. His work with BMW enhanced IT operations while enabling BMW Connected Drive. As the first engineer with Baker Hughes, he expanded the oil exploration business. In college, he organized state-level events for over 5000 students. Saroj's influence spans global markets and industries, transforming technology and driving efficiency.

His work improved efficiency at OpenLane, the exclusive marketplace for 80% of North America's off-lease inventory. He resolved system overloads during online auctions, enabling remote bidding and enhancing the user experience. Saroj streamlined workflows, introduced notifications, improved validation, and implemented advanced monitoring. He also led the migration to software-defined load-balancers and embraced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles with Ansible.

His one more brilliant contribution to Wells Fargo's Community Banking services streamlined operations for over a staggering 250 million customers. His work ensured uninterrupted availability and introduced innovations like mobile and app banking, simplifying daily transactions. Notably, Saroj's implementation of a new credit card payment system via the mobile app earned him the Achieving Excellence Award, setting a benchmark for efficiency, and also got Appreciation from the Head of Community Banking.

Furthermore, Saroj's pivotal role in Baker Hughes' WellLink Real Time (WLRT) project revolutionized real-time data management for oil drilling. It addressed the challenge of globally dispersed data centers by deploying applications within customer infrastructures enabled by end-to-end automation. This allowed Baker Hughes to win contracts with oil exploration firms, ensuring a steady supply of fossil fuels vital for North American transportation. Saroj's automation expertise created a deployable package, safeguarding data within client data centers while benefiting from Well Link Services. His contributions greatly aided Baker Hughes in gaining a market advantage and securing deals with oil-producing countries.

Besides numerous organizational milestones, he is a respectable professional Saroj is also among the panel of highly respectable panel judges of the Globee Awards. Saroj's rich expertise and experience along with his impressive educational background and certifications equip him with the knowledge and skills to excel in IT Infrastructure Management and Site Reliability Engineering.