Dead lizard found in food at a Delhi restaurant

A Delhi restaurant, which is apparently one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, grabbed the limelight for all the wrong reasons when a man who had gone to dine there was left shocked after he found a dead lizard in his bowl of sambar.

Saravana Bhavan restaurant has 39 outlets in the country and 87 joints abroad.

It created quite a stir on social media with people venting out their anger against the restaurant and saying that they will not go there ever again.

Complainant Pankaj Agarwal visited the restaurant in Delhi's posh Connaught Place area with his friends from Fatehpuri and recorded a video when he found a dead half-lizard in his food.

Scary video creates stir on social media

The man shows the dead lizard on his spoon, which he picks up from his bowl of sambar. He has half-eaten food on his plate and is seen asking the name of the staff members from the restaurant.

He posted the video on Twitter and people called it 'scary'.

Pankaj is seen telling the staff members that wonder where the other half of the lizard is as he literally took out the food morsel from his mouth when he felt that there was something wrong.

Along with half-eaten food, the man also shows the menu card, which confirms the name of the restaurant.

Pankaj is seen saying, "Muh se nikala hai yeh bite. Aadhi gayab hai."

Another man can be heard in the video saying that place the menu card of the restaurant along with the food plate so that the name is clearly visible. He can be heard saying, "Idhar rakh ke photo kheecho, restautant ka naam pata chale."

An FIR has been lodged following the incident with a case against the restaurant. People are demanding that their license should be cancelled. Investigation in the matter has been started, police said.

Police sources were reported as saying that CCTV footage is being taken from the restaurant, along with other details like name of the cook, ingredients used to make sambar as well as license of that particular outlet.