Director Boyapati Srinu's Telugu movie "Sarainodu" (also spelled as Sarrainodu), featuring Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh and Catherine Tresa in the leads, has received mixed reviews from the audience.

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"Sarainodu" is a romantic action film with other commercial ingredients to impress the mass audience. Besdies direction, Boyapati Srinu has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Bunny's father Allu Aravind under his banner Geetha Arts. It has a routine story, but it is the screenplay that makes the film interesting watch, say the audience.

The story of "Sarainodu," which means the right person, is about Gana (Allu Arjun), an army officer, who provides security to the Chief Minister of AP. CM's daughter Divya (Catherine Tresa) is elected as an MLA after her father is killed in an accident. Gana becomes her saviour, when she receives death threats. She falls in love with Gana, who is already in love with a village belle Maha Lakshmi (Rakul Preet Singh). What happens next forms the crux of the story.

As security officer, Allu Arjun has delivered an electrifying performance and he is the showman in "Sarainodu." Rakul Preet Singh and Catherine Tresa have done justice to their roles and their chemistry with Arjun is among the highlights of the film. The performances of Srikanth, Naresh, Aadhi, Jayaprakash, Adarsh Balakrishna, Devadarshini, Vinaya Prasad, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Pradeep Rawat are assets of the film, say the audience.

"Sarainodu" has been made with a whopping budget of Rs. 50 crore and it has rich production values. S Thaman's music, Rishi Punjabi's beautiful picturisation, brilliant choreography of action and dance sequences, punch dialogues, good selection of exotic locales are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers.

Many viewers shared their verdict on the film on their Twitter handles. We bring you some unique comments about it. Here is the live update of 'Sarainodu' movie review by audience:

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

#Sarrainodu 1st half:Perfect mix of Action,Comedy,Romance. Interval Bang.Mentalssss. Superb performance by #Bunny, @MusicThaman 's BGM Can there be any director who can conceive Interval Bang better than #Boyapati? No. An absolute No. #Sarrainodu proves it again. Stellar performance by @Rakulpreet during Interval scene of #Sarrainodu. This performance will be remembered forever for sure.

Varun Yeggina ‏@Yeggina

Terrific BGM by @MusicThaman. @alluarjun s intensity is killer. Terrific first half. #Sarrainodu Good first half followed by average second half makes #Sarrainodu one time watch. @alluarjun elevation scenes n @MusicThaman BGM mindblowing

Sarrainodu DAY ‏@SKNonline

Watching #Sarrainodu @alluarjun mark Boyapati elevation 1st half going superb Few scenes goosebumps #Bunny z rocking

YATHIâ"¢ ‏@ursyathi

Court scene excellent #Sarrainodu Kummu saaami kummu @MusicThaman #Sarrainodu #RR #Sarrainodu 1st half done. excellent as of now. Pre Intervel scenes ARACHAKAM. Bunny at his best, Thaman BGM at top notch. 2nd half started #Sarrainodu #Sarrainodu - Masss Ooora Mass action entertainer from @alluarjun & Boyapati.

Bhavith ‏@Bhavithofficial

#Sarrinodu is MASS STYLE MASS STYLE! #AA show all the way! Solid film, fun film. ActionComedyRomance paisa vasool! Loved it 3.25 hit #Sarrinodu comedy #sambar and bramhi one liners

MyTollywoodMovies ‏@mytollymovies

Sarraina first half. #LIVE @alluarjun's #sarrainodu only @mytollymovies @MusicThaman energetic BGM and #Boyapati treatment. Feast for fans Hilarious scenes with JP n time Movie heading towards climax. Emotionally elevated towards the end

Summer ‏@superrbowl

#sarrainodu 1st half ok but routine..Allu Arjun and aadhi terrific..interval bang good. Songs bad. #Sarrainodu 2nd half better than 1st half.. But Routine stuff and too violent..Allu and Adhi kummesaru 2nd half lo kuda..

Mahesholic ‏@urstrullydinu

#Sarrainodu Weakest writing of Boyapati Sreenu.. @alluarjun did his Best in Acting but overall

Pesky poppin ‏@GaddeMinnu

#Sarrainodu 1st half... Cliched!! Nothing new.. Catherine is a total misfit for the role! #Sarrainodu Too many fights... too little content.. #Aadhi is a revelation as a villain!

Varun Kilaru ‏@varunkilaru

#Sarrainodu - Extremely disjointed screenplay... The decent first half will not come to its rescue.. Thaman - such terrible bgm. Missed dsp

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

#alluarjun makes terrific entry #Sarrainodu Halfway through #Sarrainodu. Packed with action & emotion. #alluarjun's show all the way. Holds momentum #Anjali struggles to match steps with #AlluArjun in #Blockbuster song #Sarrainodu.

SRH #OrangeArmy ‏@sowmith222

#Sarrainodu highlights: Bunny, Adhi, blockbuster song,few scenes in 1st n 2nd half, interval ,climax . Specially 2nd half kunmindhi antheyy #Sarrainodu awesome asalu movie n mainly elevations scenes of bunny n villan ga adhii super .Rakul n Catherine well judged their roles#Hit

AB Fan ‏@kalyanathidhi 10m10 minutes ago

Thaman BGM, villian elevation, hero elevation, fights, few comedy scenes are good. No story, songs are First half is OK #Sarainodu

Prashanth Regalla ‏@regal_prashanth

Blockbuster movie... @alluarjun superb performance... Terrific bm @MusicThaman #Sarrainodu #Sarainodu ultimate mass entertainer

Avinash chettipalli ‏@avi_tweets

Watched #Sarainodu. Oora mass. Known story with great execution. Best performance by @alluarjun n aadi

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

#Sarrainodu Routine Avg first half with Extreme blood shed action sequences and extreme emotions.Fantastic stylish action sequences. #Sarrainodu 1st half 3 Fantastic stylish action episodes. Rest drags with routine stuff. Pakaaa masssssss

Pawan ‏@Pawan_Prspk

Done watching #Sarrainodu @alluarjun stole the show single handed no doubt.@rakulpreet u beauty take a bow top notch perfotmance congrats.

Satish Kumar ‏@satishhorror

Watched #Sarrainodu it is a mass nd family entertainer. @alluarjun nd @Rakulpreet as well as great performers. Njoy d Success. BlockBuster !

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@SidManchikanti

Zero content with over elevations . Irritated at times where Bunny wanted to expose his 'Acting skills' .#Sarrainodu Might pull good revenue considering the summer season factor. Only hardcore mass action movie lovers can enjoy this . #Sarrainodu

Movie Buff ‏@MovieBuffff

#Sarrainodu entertaining 1st half makes it worth a watch, @AadhiOfficial is d best thing, @alluarjun is good. #Sarrainodu loved @VidyuRaman for d first time, Brahmanandam manages to entertain after a long gap. #Sarrainodu @MusicThaman's BGM is fab, @actorsrikanth is good too.

Chakradhar_pspk ‏@chakri7486

#Sarrainodu Just finished first's extraordinary@alluarjun action really OoraMass.AA Introduction fight and Interval fight superrrr. Hit Picture.Fights Super and Bunny Improvisation Boyapati mark elements with family emotions #Sarrainodu Summer Winner @alluarjun

Ramesh ‏@InsideRam1

#Sarrainodu is pur mass. @alluarjun is now a complete mass star @AadhiOfficial awesome performance @MusicThaman BGM mindblowing

Sushanth ‏@simplysushanth

#Sarrainodu @alluarjun @srinu_boyapati Whatta fight scenes!! Goosebumps!! Completed first half Superb #Sarrainodu #blockbuster @alluarjun dialogue delivery Super Energetic fight scenes Especially Climax fight #BoyapatiSreenu #RakulPreet