In today's competitive run, companies are approaching new techniques to keep their employees motivated. With potentially groundbreaking HR technology solutions emerging, everyone is seeing a tech boom that is fundamentally reshaping the way we work and how we think about HR.

Sapien HR Analytics Private Limited, one of the notable HR agencies in the country, is currently taking a step towards revamping the organizational structure by approaching modern-day technologies. Under the directorship of Aboobakkar Siddeeque and Ravi Krishnan, both graduated from Nottingham University Business School, SapienHR Analytics Private Limited is a venture supported by Hafeez Kudroli's Kudroli World - who has invested an undisclosed amount in the company.

With an idea to empower employees by creating an environment that contributes to continuous learning and improved performance, SapienHR is all set to adopt HR analytics by enabling HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employees along with the modern approach of blockchain technology.

Today, Blockchain technology indeed offers a tremendous opportunity for the Human Resources industry.

With blockchain technology kicking in, Sapien HR is looking forward to streamlining payroll and cross-border payments, verification of qualifications of job applicants and new hires, a secure and up-to-date record of employee skills, training and performance development and a lot more.

Technology, over time, attempted to improve HR efficiency, with a lot of success. With this SapeinHR is now relying on elaborate IT systems to manage everything about their workforce.

While they are investing in blockchain technologies as their overall digital transformation journey, they also aim to strengthen the HR Analytical process. It will enable SapienHR to analyze the HR data from various systems and draw conclusions based on the analysis. By leveraging the benefits of HR analytics, SapienHR can find the best practices for recruitment, retention, and employee engagement. It will also help the Organisation to make better decisions, improves employees' overall experience, and engages them in a better manner.