Sanjay Jha
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Sanjay Jha has been the center of headlines for his controversial articles criticizing the Congress leadership, but the outspoken senior INC leader has once again made the headlines with a move that came as a shock to the biggest opposition party. The former AICC spokesperson announced on Friday that he has resigned as All India Professionals' Congress (Maharashtra) chief.

Sashi Tharoor, Lok Sabha MP and APIC founder accepted Jha's resignation while expressing regret at the senior party leader's decision. Jha thanked Tharoor and said he was glad his signature AIPCInteractive brand was used by Congress.

Citing reasons for his resignation from the post of AIPC Maharashtra chief, Jha said his "political outspokenness conflicts with my official position."

Jha removed as INC spokesperson

Sanjay Jha on The Talk
Sanjay Jha on The TalkIBT

Jha's latest move comes shortly after he was removed as an official spokesperson of the INC. Jha had penned a critical article about Congress party, which led to his removal from the post. In an interaction with IBTimes, Jha had said "I would like to call a spade a spade here and a shovel: there has been no serious effort to get the party up and running with any sense of urgency."