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Right before Christmas, Netflix premiered a Sandra Bullock starrer Bird Box. Many are now calling this movie as the scariest thing they have ever watched in their life on Netflix.

The post-apocalyptic thriller is directed by Susanne Bier and is based on the novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The film features Sandra Bullock along with Minina Loka, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich.

The film follows a woman who, along with a pair of children, must make it through forest and river blindfolded to avoid some supernatural entities that take the appearance of their victims' worst fears and regrets that cause them to die by suicide.

Check out movie's trailer:

The premise of the story does sound intriguing and those who have streamed it during the holiday season are now calling it the most terrifying movie they have ever seen.

Several viewers have shared their thought on Twitter. Check out few such reviews by fans:

Apart from fans, movie critics have been very vocal about it. The film holds an approval rating of 67 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. The website's critical consensus reads, "Bird Box never quite reaches its intriguing potential, but strong acting and an effectively chilly mood offer intermittently creepy compensation."

At the same time, several movie critics have stated that Sandra Bullock's Netflix thriller is nothing but a mess. The Guardian's Amy Nicholson has stated that despite some tense moments, Bird Box is a disappointingly clunky waste of a star-studded cast, adding "the film staggers on in its quest to give us entertainment satisfaction or death, we're tempted to identify with the movie's first victim, a woman in a tracksuit banging her head against the glass, ready to get this painful sight over with."

Meanwhile, while during a recent interview, Bird Box director Susanne Bier talked about telling a story from a female perspective and how over the years, everyone has portrayed a mother from a male point of view, which of course is gentle and loving but at the same time has a kind of "passiveness to that image."