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The Sandalwood drugs racket has generated a lot of curiosity among the public since it came into the open. An Assistant commissioner and head constable have both been suspended now for leaking information on the ongoing case to drug peddlers. 

Commissioner of Police Kamal Pant had announced the suspension on Wednesday. The two were reportedly leaking information to the associates of the accused.

Two cops strike a deal with accused to pass on intel

In a high-profile case like the Sandalwood drugs case, information plays a major role. With many actors under the scanner and major busts and raids being carried out around the city, the Bengaluru police need to tread carefully.

In the case currently, numerous suspects are yet to be brought in by the police. Two include film producer Shivaprakash and the politicians Jeevaraj Alva's son Aditya Alva who are currently missing. Meanwhile, two cops one Assistant Commissioner in the Woman Protection Wing MR Mudhavi and a head constable Mallikarjun were suspended on Wednesday for passing on information to the drug traffickers.

A statement from the office of Commissioner Kamal Pant said, "ACP M R Mudhavi and head constable Mallikarjun were leaking the critical information about the investigation into
drug trafficking to the accused persons, which not only affected the pace of the investigation, but also damaged the reputation of the department."

Joint Commissioner Sandip Patil said, that the matter was revealed during an inquiry and that the two were in contact with the associated of the accused. However, both were not in the core team of the investigation. 

There had been suspicion of people inside the force leaking information to the drug peddlers. It became evident through WhatsApp chats between the drug peddlers during the investigation. Paty organisers had revealed in the chats to each other about the investigation and cited "sources in the department," as to where the information was obtained from, local media reported.