Telegu film stars had been grilled by the SIT after their names cropped up in the drug racket. (Representational Image)Creative Commons

The drug menace in Karnataka is slowly reaching boiling point as the CCB sleuths uncover deeper links in the well-spread network. Sandalwood is now implicated with having to save its face as celebrities come under the scanner. 

In some major developments with regard to the case since Ragini Dwivedi's arrest, 12 more have been charged in connection to the drug racket. Further, Kamal Pant had earlier in a press briefing suggested that foreign nationals were involved in the dealings. Now, an African national Loum Pepper Samba has been held by CCB, in a huge breakthrough for the case.

Uncovering new links in the Sandalwood drug case

Amidst all the speculation and criminal charges, the Sandalwood industry's reputation has come into question. As the police continue to do their job in Bengaluru, it's the celebrities who're being questioned by the public including their actions. 

Ragini Dwivedi's arrest has brought the industry under the scanner, moreover, organisers like Viren Khanna have also been arrested in the case. Now in an FIR filed by Cottonpet police station, 12 individuals have been named as per the information given by Ravi Shankar who is one of the accused in the case.

Ragini Dwivedi and her friend Shivaprakash have been cited as 'main peddlers' in the FIR. Other names listed include -- Viren Khanna who organised parties for celebrities, Prashanth Ranka, Prashanth Raju, Rahul Tonse, Ashwin, Vaibhav Jain, Aditya Alva who is politician Jeevaraj Alva's son, African drug peddler and supplier Loum Pepper Samba and Abhiswami.

Aditya also happens to be Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi's brother-in-law. As per the investigation so far ecstasy pills were referred to as 'Hello Kitty' in chats and communication. Loum Pepper Samba is a Cocaine and MDMA supplier who was supplying drugs to Ravi Shankar and celebrities like Ragini Dwivedi. The investigation into the matter is still on. 

Further details on this case are awaited and will be published as and when received.