Punjab is reeling under rampant drug abuse.Creative Commons

The Sandalwood drugs case has now turned political. So far, a lot was said about the Kannada film industry and the political links were mostly being speculated. However, on Saturday Congress corporator Yuvraj RV arrived at CCB for questioning.

Apart from him Kannada actor Santosh Kumar and popular TV anchor Akul Balaji also appeared for questioning. While it's still unclear what evidence has been collected against the three, they were called in based on accusations by the others arrested in the case.

Yuvraj RV arrives for questioning

On Friday, the Central Crime Branch, Bengaluru said that it had summoned RV Yuvraj for interrogation in the matter of the ongoing probe into drug usage in Sandalwood. In a statement issued by the Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil, it said, "In the Cotton pet case we have gathered certain information and it was felt necessary to inquire about them. Therefore, we have issued notices to them to appear before the CCB tomorrow at 10 a.m."

Yuvraj is a Congress and BBMP Corporator for the Sudhamanagar ward. He is also the son of an Ex-Congress MLA Devaraj RV. Apart from him, two others are being questioned on Saturday including Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Santosh Kumar and TV anchor Akul Balaji.

Yuvraj RV arrives for questioning at CCB

Akul Balaji and Santosh Kumar reportedly have been in contact with Vaibhav Jain one of the accused in the Sandalwood drugs case. Yuvraj arrived an hour early for questioning. Yuvraj told the media earlier that he didn't know any of the accused. 

The CCB has suspected political links in the Sandalwood drugs scandal. Earlier this week, the Congress pointed fingers at BJP after pictures emerged showing Revenue minister R Ashok with one of the accused in the case. R Ashoka however, denied links to the case or the accused. The two parties have been at loggerheads so far in the drug scandal. Meanwhile, the investigation proceeds.