Sanjjanaa Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi
Sanjjanaa Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi@sanjjanaagalrani/Instagram, @rraginidwivedi/Instagram

 The Sandalwood drug case has left much to speculate. Numerous reports have emerged as the investigation draws on. More developments are being observed in the CCB investigation. Now, the two actresses who were arrested due to alleged connections to the drug case, have had to undergo medical tests.

Both have claimed innocence in connection to the case. Ragini Dwivedi was arrested earlier for her chats with Ravi Shankar, in procuring and being connected to drug peddlers. Sanjjanaa Galrani's house was raided and the actress was arrested for being in contact with one of the accused.

Actresses create hurdles for medical test

Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi has been under custody for the past week, and since her arrest, she has been questioned by the police. The actress has filed for bail, however, she will remain in custody till September 14th, until her hearing. 

Much information has come to light as the investigation wears on. The two actresses were also scheduled for a medical test, as part of the investigation on Friday. While Ragini went through with it, a video emerged online of Sanjjanaa Galrani arguing with officials refusing the test. Claiming innocence, she also alleged that it was her fundamental right to refuse the test. She also claimed that she was being made a 'bakra' in the case, simply because she was in contact with one of the accused. 

Sanjjanaa.Sanjjanaa Galrani Twitter Account

Meanwhile, Ragini underwent the test. However, Suvarna news had reported on Thursday that the actress had attempted to mix water in her urine sample to trick authorities and was caught by the police. Following the alleged mix-up, she was asked by the magistrate to undergo the test a second time. The tests are being done to see if the two have been consuming drugs recently or not.

Sanjjanaa Galrani misses 'Non-veg'

Another report emerged in the local media, that Sanjjanaa Galrani reportedly had told the CCB sleuths that she hadn't eaten 'Non-Veg' in the past two days, following which the CCB had arranged for biryani for the accused, Suvarna News had reported. Many reports have emerged since the actress' arrest alleging that she had been creating 'drama' for CCB sleuths in Bengaluru, DH quoted CCB as saying that she had been 'creating drama' for them. 

Many have been asking on social media why the actresses were being given such treatment while under custody. Sanjjanaa Galrani was arrested on 8th September while Ragini Dwivedi was arrested on 4th September. The results of their tests will be in within a week. The investigation continues.  

Further details are awaited and will be published as and when received. 

Additionally, this is the version of the local media but as and when the version of the two actresses is received, this copy will be duly updated.