Samsung is all set for its upcoming Unpacked 2015 event. As expected, most of the limelight at the annual event will be hogged by the massively-rumoured and highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6. After all, the handset has grabbed a lot of media spotlight in the last few months.

Samsung's Unpacked event will start on 1 March, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress, which is starting on 2 March in Barcelona, Spain. And naturally, the big news that everyone expects from the Unpacked briefing is the introduction of the Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Only recently, images leaked showing the Galaxy S6 and its sibling –the Galaxy S6 Edge, featuring a curved display similar to the one seen on Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge.

In fact, pictures shared on xda-developers forum claim to show an S6 and the S6 Edge side by side, shedding more light on the device (or devices) ahead of launch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept 1
Samsung Galaxy

But aside the usual leaks and rumours related to the handset all around the web, we have also seen a few concept images being revealed for the handset. We know by now that the smartphones will be crafted in the usual way Samsung prefers it, but the concept images point at 'what could have been' and 'what isn't.'

The latest concepts point at extra screen estate on the edges, hence the phone's Edge avatar. As it seems, the concept images feature a prominent Home button, with a metal ring around it, as well as a metal edge that almost goes at the back, owing to the curved screen sides.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept 2
Samsung Galaxy

Apart from that, the back features quite a protruding camera, accompanied by a metal ring and a sort of glass surface, although not as shiny as on the Galaxy S6. Having glass on the sides (partially) and front could require the back to maybe feature a change of material, introducing something like polycarbonate.

There were rumours, even a few weeks ago, saying the Galaxy S6 will have a glass portion at the back, but lately it's all metal.

The Galaxy S6 Edge isn't also very detailed, but could expect an identical approach to the S6, plus an extra display edge to go alongside it.

Check out the concepts accompanying this story. Stay tuned for more updates!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept 3
Samsung Galaxy