Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Leak
Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Leakxda-developers forum

While the number of smartphone manufacturers keeps on increasing at a steady rate, the bigger names in the mix continue to hold on to their respective places. And hence, you see that Apple's biggest rival remains to be Samsung, with both the companies bringing out handsets to outclass each other's offerings.

Apple, last year, successfully came out with its highly anticipated iPhone 6 in not one, but two different variants – the original handset accompanied by a bigger version iPhone 6 Plus. But on release, Apple was already aware that it's on the way to receive quite the resistance from the likes of Samsung.

And accordingly, Samsung now, allegedly, is gearing up to release a brand new Samsung Galaxy handset into the market. And similar to the iPhone 6 before it, Samsung is expected to bring out two different models of the Galaxy S6 for the fans – the other one being the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Once Samsung officially launches the handsets, it will, almost automatically, dive into the newest tussle with Apple in terms of who controls the market going ahead. Needless to say, Samsung will make a few adjustments to the new handset so as to make it competition-ready against Apple's handsets.

But what could Samsung introduce that would make its Galaxy S6 and S6 Egde offering a far bigger deal than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Before the final launch, here's a look at the changes Samsung might have in store for the original S6, before it locks horns with the iPhone 6.

A Fingerprint Scanner, Based on Touch
To be honest, we had a lot of expectation from the swipe-based fingerprint scanner that came alongside Samsung Galaxy S5. However, reports were soon flowing in how it was somewhat faulty and nothing near to the same service offered by Apple. Now with the Samsung Galaxy S6 finally set to arrive, there could be a chance that Samsung will introduce a more sensitive touch-based scanner with the new handset.

Bigger Battery than iPhone 6
If not anything else, one area where Samsung really scored big with the previously release Galaxy S5 was the battery. There's no denying the fact that the Galaxy S5's battery was quite excellent. And although it was later outsmarted by newer handsets in the market (such as Xperia Z3) in the battery department, it still remained as one of the major strengths of the Galaxy S5. However, that being said, there's still room for further upgrading in that respect. While the S5 offered a 2800mAh battery, provided Samsung introduces 2K video support with the handset, expect the battery capacity to go up as well.

Insightful Handset Designing
One area where Apple, almost instantly, takes the upper hand over Samsung-made handsets is in terms of handset designing, apart from the materials used in the handset. And if the upcoming Galaxy S6 is to successfully lock horns against the iPhone 6, it has to make sure it moves away from the regular plastic offering and welcome a metallic finishing for the new handset. Even Samsung's own Android counterparts, like Sony Xperia and HTC, are known in the market for taking through care of their designing. And it's high time Samsung strived for the same.

Bloat-free, TouchWiz UI
If Samsung is to make sure it's new handset is gaining the same kind of popularity in the market as that of the iPhone 6, it has to make considerable amount of changes in its own proprietary TouchWiz UI. All the previous TouchWiz UIs have arrived full of bloatware, is quite an old-fashioned experience and unattractive, to say the least. But if reports of a more stock Android-like UI for the handset are indeed true, Samsung could expect a bit of a surge with more and more users adopting the handset.

Samsung Loop Pay Vs Apple Pay
It hasn't been long since reports started pouring in about how Samsung is working with California-based start-up 'Loop Pay' on a new mobile payments service that will rival Apple Pay. In case you didn't know, Loop Pay's technology doesn't only rely on NFC, but uses 'magnetic secure transmission.' This is the data transferred from the magnetic strip on the back of your credit card. Provided Samsung decides on introducing the feature for the Galaxy S6, it could make mobile payments more reachable for hundreds of people and vendors, and could have a bigger impact than Apple Pay.