A day after posting an inspiring message on fighting depression, Sameera Reddy has now written a motivational post on breastfeed. She has urged people to be kind and shower love new mothers.

Sameera Reddy
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She writes, "Be a motivator, a strong partner whether you are a mother in law, husband or friend! As World Breastfeeding week comes to an end: Let us promise to uplift new mothers with kindness, encouragement & love. It is so important to build a support system within the space of family & loved ones,"

The Importance of Encouragement
The 41-year old then talks about the issues the woman's body goes through after delivering a baby. She claims with out the support from the family, mothers might discontinue the breastfeeding. "It is incredible & at the same time challenging what a woman's body goes through hormonally after giving birth. The high pressure to make sure you are giving enough nutrition to a new life topped with no sleep, constant vigilance and the exhaustion can drive you insane. Being so overworked & feeling unsupported sometimes leads a mom to give up Breastfeeding her baby. [sic]"

However, the actress reveals about the support given by her husband following the birth of their babies. She concludes, "Akshai, my husband has always been a massive support. He talked me through my vulnerable moments, boosted my morale and cheered me on and here I am - still Breastfeeding my little sunshine one year later!
Sometimes you just need that one person to have your back during such an emotional journey. Encourage Breastfeeding. [sic]"

Sameera Reddy tied the knot to businessman Akshai Varde. They have two children – son (born in 2015) and daughter (born in 2019).