Salman Khan and John Abraham have shared a less than cordial relationship. Despite being on good terms way back more than a decade ago. While celebrities not getting along is nothing new, their face-offs and digs have been quite specific.

Before 2006, Salman Khan and John Abraham actually shared some camaraderie and were also willing to work together. But, an incident between the two of them changed it and since then the two have not been on the best of terms.

Salman Khan and John Abraham

Salman Khan's beef with John Abraham

We keep hearing about fallouts in Bollywood, it perpetually seems like somebody or the other is not on talking terms. But, there are some fallouts that keep recurring, ones that seem to go on beyond their time. 

Salman Khan and John Abraham have famously not been on talking terms. It goes back to 2006 when the two stars were sharing a stage at the Rockstars concert with Kareena Kapoor. During the concert, John Abraham had some issues with the monetary aspects, and Salman Khan was not happy about the actor being vocal about it. Moreover, John was reported to have commented on Khan's performance which further upset the superstar. 

In 2006, Salman Khan and John Abraham were also cast alongside each other in Baabul. The two would keep having spats on set, and it was Amitabh Bachchan who intervened to prevent the two from taking it too far. Katrina Kaif also became a wedge between the two, as John would refuse to work with her, and Khan found that upsetting. 

Recently, John Abraham was supposed to be cast in Race 3 but Salman Khan refused to work with the actor and eventually the film proceeded without John on the star cast. Media reports on John not choosing to save Salman Khan among the three Khans in a hypothetical question during an interview also became an issue. Why create fires where there are none? One would think the two stars are more mature than that. The two haven't had any recent face-offs but they also have maintained safe distance between each other.