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No one could have predicted the youth sensation Lokesh Sharma would turn into when she had joined Bigg Boss as a commoner. The girl, who instantly became everyone's favourite, was also praised by Salman Khan. After Bigg Boss 10, Lokesh went on to be a part of several shows on MTV. And with each show, surprised everyone with her massive transformation. IB Times India, got in touch with the actress to talk about Salman Khan, being a youth icon and her upcoming film.

You have emerged as this massive inspiration for youth in terms of your makeover, your fitness and the complete transformation. How does it feel when so many people look upto you?

I feel really happy and glad when people appreciate my transformation. It encourages me more. Yes, I worked on my body but I wanted to act. And now I'm working on myself. Every single day you have learn if you want to achieve something. Learning experience is very important as that makes you stronger and better person in life. I feel motivated and pushed on getting such great responses from everyone.

Any instance where someone told you that they changed themselves looking at you or by following you?

It happens many times and people really don't recognize me sometimes. Even friends from industry say that I have changed a lot. Young people really got inspired through my transformation.

How much would you credit Salman Khan for this transformation?

Yes , tips given by Salman sir really worked very well for me. He told me to work out for 8 hours and diet plan. Then I saw fitness videos and routines of many celebs like Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora. Obviously, Salman sir's advice really helped me.

Tell us about your role in the upcoming project, Myakut.

I am playing a porn actor but the story behind that is something to look out for. I'm really glad and happy that I took this up as I got to show my acting skills. I enjoyed this character. I loved it. I was set in my mind that I will give my 100 percent into this character. So, I have a few bold scenes in this film and I'm now confident because I have really worked hard on my body. I always wanted to play a bold and challenging character. I'm playing a double role in this film. I watched porn movies to understand and get more into the character. Also, as I'm playing a double role, so for another one I have to look like a village girl. So, for that also I had to prepare.

Are you looking more towards being a part of films or web shows? What suits you more?

I want to do web series , films and TV serials too as I'm a huge fan of Ekta Kapoor. I really want to work with Ekta Kapoor. So I want to work more.