Chunky Pandey on #MeToo allegations against Sajid Khan
Chunky Pandey on #MeToo allegations against Sajid Khan.Varinder Chawla

Chunky Pandey, who is a close friend of Sajid Khan, expressed support for the latter in regard to the allegations of sexual harassment that were levied against him.

The veteran actor said that while the #MeToo allegations against Sajid came as a shocker to him, he feels that the filmmaker is often misunderstood.

"The thing is Sajid has always been a very outspoken person. He has always been this flamboyant person, what you see is what you get. A lot of people might misunderstand Sajid Khan. Sajid just says things for effect, he doesn't mean them. I know Sajid since childhood. Of course, when these allegations came, it was a shocker to everyone, you know it was the season of MeToo, and everyone was getting exposed. So, we really felt bad. We had no option, the producer had a lot of pressure to drop him from the film (Housefull 4). Luckily, Farhad Samji agreed to do it. It wasn't easy but full marks to Sajid Nadiadwala for pulling this off. Of course, we felt bad when we lost Sajid," Chunky told Pinkvilla.

He further said that Sajid deserved a chance to clarify himself before being judged. "If you ask me, Sajid is like a little brother to me. I think he should have gotten a chance to clarify himself but I am sure he will get a chance," Chunky said.

Sajid was accused of sexual harassment and indecent behaviour by multiple women when the #MeToo movement in India was at its peak. While he had almost closed himself up after the allegations were made, Sajid was recently spotted with friends, and he also posed for the shutterbugs.