The legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is quite the sensation on social media as his short Reels give a rare glimpse into Master Blaster's life. Tendulkar, who is leading India Legends in the Road Safety Series 2022, is gearing up to face West Indies Legends and has an interesting video for fans, more importantly aspiring cricketers.

Tendulkar shared a video on his official Instagram handle, teaching a special way to clean a bat's grip. Though the video proved to be helpful, fans couldn't miss an important detail. The entire time Tendulkar was sharing a cricket bat hack, the tap was running water in the background.

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The video, which has more than 2 million views, has thousands of comments — most of which have a plea for the cricket legend.

"Save water, please"

Fans were quick to point out the running water in the background.

"Every drop is important. Open the tap as much as required and close it tight and right," an Instagram user wrote in a comment.

"Save water paaji, don't misuse it," wrote another.

Similar comments have flooded the video.