Ryanair flight
Ryanair passenger lights a cigarette mid-air [Representational Image]Creative Commons

A passenger was pulled off a Ryanair plane on Friday (March 9) in Bristol after he lit a cigarette while on board.  

The man was on the flight to Bristol when he decided to have a smoke. The pictures taken by a police body camera shows the officers boarding the plane and detaining the passenger.

Bristol police arrested the man and are likely to slap a hefty fine on him for the act. "Body Worn CCTV footage of PC James Boarding an aircraft to detain a male found smoking whilst travelling to Bristol," Avon and Somerset Police took to Twitter to warn passengers writing: "Please remember it is a criminal offence to smoke on an aircraft and you are likely to face arrest and a hefty fine on arrival at your destination."

The Civil Aviation Authority said: "UK airlines do not permit smoking on board, therefore, the 'no smoking' signs will remain on throughout the flight."

The authority added: "Passengers are not permitted to smoke in toilets and these are fitted with smoke detectors. Tampering with an aircraft smoke detector is a serious offense and may lead to prosecution."

On another instance, a Ryanair passenger who boarded an early-morning flight from London's Stansted Airport to Tenerife on February 24, ripped off his clothes and started a foul-mouthed rant threatening the cabin crew.

Subsequently, the plane was diverted to Marrakesh airport in Morocco, where the passenger was arrested by the local police.