Vladimir Putin Said Donald Trump Can Be My Guest In Moscow After Helsinki Summit

In an ideal world, the Presidential election of any nation should be an internal matter. But when has the world been ideal? Yet another development signifying the complexity and challenge of US-Russia relations happens to come straight from the horse's mouth. FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before Congress at worldwide threats hearing that Russia has made "active efforts" to influence the 2020 election.

"Yes I think the intelligence communities' consensus is that Russia continues to try to influence our elections," Wray said while testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee on being clearly asked, "Can you tell me as of this date you have information that Russia is trying to influence the election for 2020?"

Wray continues in his testimony how the foreign election interference efforts differ slightly from that of 2016. "When there was an effort to target election infrastructure. We have not seen that second part yet this year, but we certainly have seen very active, very active efforts by the Russians to influence our election 2020."

Wray further states in his testimony that Russia has been relying on social media to push their vested agendas, it has also been using proxies, state media, online journals to hurt Biden's campaign.

Antifa, a real thing but not a terrorist organization

In his testimony, Wray also clarified and diverged from Donald Trump's claims in the past about "Antifa" being a terrorist organization. He likened the organization to more of an ideology or a movement, rather than an organization. He said, "It's a real thing. But it's not an organization or a structure."

Americans are you listening?

Disinformation campaigns also remained the key focus of Thursday's hearing. Meanwhile, there's a vital piece of advice for the voters out there, right from the uninformed to the even worse, the misinformed. Wray appeals to the voters to get their voting information from official websites and not social media.

US Elections

"It's particularly of concern to us in the election context when Americans make the mistake of getting information about election themselves from social media. We're trying to make sure that Americans know they get information about where and when and how to vote from official websites and not social media."

Wray's comments come against the backdrop of a lot of noise and ruckus to do with other countries' interference in US elections. Donald Trump and several administration officials have floated the theories over China's interest in the US election, primarily to have Biden elected. As the US Presidential Elections 2020 draw near, each passing day brings in the news to revelations. If the intelligence agencies of the US are to be believed, while China and Iran most likely would like to see Trump lose, Russia would rather have him elected.