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There were some incredible scenes when English football fans and Russian hooligans were involved in a violent clash in Euro 2016 in Marseille, with around 100 Englishmen getting injured. Now, the Russians have warned England fans to stay home, and not to travel for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, which will be hosted by Russia, as it would invite death.

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The situation went out of hand in France and security forces had to come out in numbers on the streets to bring the situation under control. They even baton-charged violent fans from both the nations. There were some bloody scenes on the streets, where people were throwing chairs at one another too.

The Russian hooligans are not done, and they said they would have a go at the English fans if they came to their country for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Football fans in Russia are not strangers to violent clashes, if one looks at their conduct in Moscow derby – Spartak Moscow vs CSKA Moscow.

These hooligans could turn hostile if they spot England fans in Russia, if one is to believe the leader of Zenit St Petersburg's Landscrona mob. He vowed that the situation will be much more worse than France.

"You think it was bad in France – wait until Russia, This is our home fixture. An England fan almost died in Marseille. It could be worse next summer. If the circumstances are right someone could get killed," Mirror quoted the leader as saying.

The Russian hooligans seem to be confident about taking the Englishmen in a fight. Marvyn, who was part of the violent clash during the Euro 2016, believes the Russians are dangerous.

"In Marseille the Russian firms all came together. We caught the ­hooliganism 'disease' from you, the English, but it has evolved. We are fit, we are strong – one Russian can take on 12 or 13 Englishmen," Marvyn said.