Salman Khan might have not been the first choice as the host of Bigg Boss, but once he came onboard, there was no one who could overthrow him. The popularity he enjoyed, paired with his mass appeal and the way he got involved with the housemates made him synonymous with the reality show.

No wonder then that despite such a mammoth fee hike year after year, the man continues to host the show. Let's take a look at how much Salman Khan made in which season:

Salman khan bb pc
Salman khan bb pc

Season 4 to 6: Salman joined the show as the host from season four onwards. Arshad Warsi was the first host of the show followed by Shilpa Shetty. Then came Amitabh Bachchan and the next year, Salman was brought onboard. Salman was reportedly paid Rs 2.5 crore for each episode from season 4 to 6.

Season 7: Season 7 remained one of the most popular seasons of the show with big names like - Tanishaa Mukerji, Gauahar Khan, Armaan Kohli and many others. Gauahar went on to win the show and Khan reportedly charged Rs 5 crore per episode.

Season 8: Salman hiked his fee by Rs 50 lakh per episode in this season, reportedly. The superstar was paid Rs 5.5 crore per episode throughout the season.

Season 9 and 10: Salman reportedly charged Rs 7 crore to Rs 8 crore for season 9 and Rs 9 crore to 10 crore for season 10.

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A still from Bigg Boss 9 setsVarinder Chawla

Season 11 and 12: For season 11, Salman reportedly charged Rs 11 crore for season 11 and Rs 12 crore to Rs 14 crore for season 12.

Season 13 and 14: As per a Mid-day report, Salman Khan charged Rs 15.50 crore per episode of season 13 and Rs 20 crore per episode for season 14.

Season 15: If a TOI report is anything to go by, the Dabangg Khan reportedly charged Rs 15 crore per episode in season 15 that made his total to be a mammoth Rs 350 crore.