SS Rajamouli with Junior NTR and Ram Charan at RRR movie opening ceremony
SS Rajamouli with Junior NTR and Ram Charan at RRR movie opening ceremonyTwitter

Director SS Rajamouli has apparently finalised the full form of his upcoming movie RRR starring Jr NTR and Ram Charan. Ragupati Raghava Rajaram is said to be the complete title of this mega-budget film.

Addressing a press meet on March 14, 2019, SS Rajamouli revealed: "We received an overwhelming response, when announced the hashtag #RRR. Many people sent us their suggestion on its full form through Twitter and Facebook. We thought, why shouldn't we let people to decide it?

SS Rajamouli invited the people to suggest their expansion of RRR and assured to adopt their choice if it was better than their selection. The director added: "Since viewers are excited about its full form, we invite everyone to send us your expansion. If it better than what we have thought, we will use that full form."

RRR movie title expansion
RRR movie title expansionTwitter

The makers of RRR Movie tweeted a photo on April 30 and wrote: "Expansions for #RRR kept pouring in from all sides in all languages, since the day we asked you to come up with the Title. Some are powerful. Some are intense. Some are thoughtful. We loved some of them! Keep sending them in. Who knows, your title could be the actual #RRRTitle!"

The picture released by the makers of RRR features Word Cloud generated using Python, which a data visualisation technique used for representing text data. It shows the expansion of RRR suggested by the film goers. The size of each full form depends on number of people who suggested it.

Junior NTR and Ram Charan at RRR press meet
Junior NTR and Ram Charan at RRR press meetScreenshot of YouTube video

In this word cloud, three expansions like Rise Roar Revolt, Rebel Revolt Repeat and Ragupati Raghava Rajaram have got more support, but the last seems to have had more backing. The makers seems to wait for more response before they finalise one of three, DVV Entertainment tweeted, "Keep sending us more as we consider each one of them. Your abbreviation can be the actual #RRRtitle! #RRR."

This is the first time SS Rajamouli, Junior NTR and Ram Charan have collaborated for movie. It should be recalled here that RRR is the abbreviation for this trio's names and it was a temporary title. Since RRR became quite popular, he used it as the title as it is catchy and trended well on social media.