Esha Gupta and Rohit Vig
Esha Gupta and Rohit VigInstagram

Recently Esha Gupta lashed out at a hotelier named Rohit Vig on social media, accusing him of staring at her inappropriately, and "raping her with his eyes". While this created a storm on social platforms, Rohit has reportedly gone underground.

Esha recently posted comments and Instagram stories wherein, she sharing pictures and details of Rohit stated that he kept on staring at her in an inappropriate manner at a restaurant in Delhi.

In a series of posts, she ridiculed the man for the alleged misbehaviour, and even called him "future rapist". She had said that she was so uncomfortable that she had to make her bodyguards stand in front of her to stop him from staring at her.

While Rohit has not spoken any word yet in his defence, Spotboye reported that the businessman has gone underground, and refused to speak to any media person. The report stated that many journalists have been trying to get his version of the story, but he has not been responding to anyone.

On the other side, another report in The Asian Age stated that Rohit is soon going to appear before the media, and narrate his side of the story, which will be complete opposite to what Esha said.

It is now difficult to decide if Rohit is actually guilty of making Esha feel uncomfortable with his actions, and hence avoiding media, or he is just stressed out with the entire embarrassment.

In a series of Instagram stories, Esha had narrated how Rohit allegedly harassed her at the restaurant by constantly staring at her with lustful eyes.

"A few of you out there are asking me why m giving him importance. I will tell you why. If he can act like this with a girl like me, who has balls, imagine what he will do with other girls. Such men are the reason these men think – I have money I will get saved. He never touched me or said a word. But his eyes were raping me. Rohit Vig you molested me last night," she had said in one of the posts.

Although she received a lot of support on social media, many of them also expressed doubts if Esha was trying to get publicity for her recently released movie.