Rohit Reddy
Rohit Reddy

Rohit Reddy, is a businessman hailing from Hyderabad. Since his early childhood, Rohit says he always had a dream of doing something out of league and to be distinguished from others. Seeing such a fire of desires in his eyes at such a young age, his parents sent him to pursue Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

They say luxury is like salt which imparts taste in our life and Reddy wants each and every individual to taste it.

The little sparks of his dreams, he claims, have now taken the form of conflagration and the champ initiated his success voyage by his very first project 'Signature One'. Unlike other real estate projects which focus only on quantity of customers and ample number of apartments, Rohit claims he is focusing on quantity, he has always more interest in quality.

The company claims it has come up with something never seen before. The luxurious apartments rendered by Signature One are like an open challenge to even the world class five star hotel rooms, they claim. The company says it is an amalgamation of the best players out in the market who have strong expertise knowledge in their respective fields. Because it's a great team that possess the power of turning dreams into reality, they claim.

His second project, as per their own claims, 'Signature Horizon and Signature Estates are in itself a competition to his own projects.

His projects are eco friendly and have a pre reservation of large areas of plantation in them, they claim.

Rohit says he is a man with altruistic personality and is always motivated to help others.