Rocking Star Yash has become a household name across the country with his magnum opus KGF: Chapter 1. The Kannada superstar left an ever-lasting impression with his role as a gangster named Rocky Bhai, a highly-ambitious person who wants to rule the world.

Yash with Prashanth Neel
Yash with Prashanth Neel on the sets of KGF 2.PR Handout

However, not many are aware of the fact that it was due to his efforts that KGF became a pan-India film. From putting in hard work into acting and portraying his character with finesse to adding whatever it takes make KGF a huge brand, Yash achieved the dream of making the film larger than life.

A source shares, "Since the beginning of this project, Yash knew this film should cater to the Pan India audience. He has helmed this project beyond the capacity of a lead actor. It was Yash who convinced Excel entertainment about his vision for this film and got them board and even was in touch with all the distributors, to get it desired showcasing in all languages."

"From ensuring that the film is dubbed in five languages to engagement with every department throughout the Pre and post-production stage, KGF 1 has been a passion project for Yash. Seeing the massive appeal and results now, he truly is the main custodian of the franchise as part 2 of the film is more than awaited across the nation," the source adds.

Yash in KGF 2
A new photo from Yash from his upcoming film KGF 2.PR Handout

His individuality nurtured through this process as he took on the KGF ownership in his hands.

The film sure did well at the box office, which is no secret. But what went on behind the scenes for Yash, his vision has proved to be of pure brilliance.

KGF Chapter 1 is a 2018 film which has its own audience totally favouring and rooting for it since the day of release. Needless to say they have their eyes set and searching for release of KGF Chapter 2. Chapter 2 also stars Sanjay Dutt as an antagonist and it's going to be an interesting watch.