Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is the most ambitious project of R Madhavan, who has produced and directed the film apart from starring in it. It is a biographical drama based on the life of former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan.

Rocketry Review
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Simran, Rajit Kapur, Ravi Raghavendra, Mishra Ghoshal, Gulshan Grover, and many others are in the cast. More importantly, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Tamil actor Suriya have done cameos in the flick, which has Sirsha Ray's cinematography and Sam CS's music.


Rocketry is about a man who fought years on end for justice after being falsely accused of espionage. An untold story of a man, who was wronged for always being right for his country. The movie showcases when a man from a family is caught in some issues, not just him, but the entire family have to face the brunt.

The movie explains how a scientist is charged with a fake case, his suffering and his fight for justice.

Madhavan has single-handedly made this movie an entertaining watch with his outstanding performance. Although the scientific jargon and the dialogues in French, Russian and English might create hindrance to the narrative, it displays the authenticity of the product.

Overall, it is an excellent watch which fans should not be missed. Check out the people's response to the flick:

Actor Karthi: Dear @ActorMadhavan, congratulations on the release of #Rocketry... your choice of film for your first directorial venture speaks volumes of your calibre as an artist. It's a great story that the entire nation should hear out. Eagerly looking forward to watch it on the big screen.

@ActorMadhavan I still remember the enthusiasm and passion u had for this story, when u showed me a small video about 3 years back! Today after watching ur labour of love #Rocketry I was so emotionally touched What a great film u have made!

Sumit Kadel: SUBLIME biopic made on one of the greatest scientist of India. Film is profoundly engaging & informative.
@ActorMadhavan EXCELLS,did a phenomenal job on both acting & direction front. Mr Nambi legacy is inspirational & injustice done to him was heartbreaking.

Ki Ri Shi: #Rocketry 1/2
Captivating, Enthralling, Appealing, Engaging & Entertaining....
@ActorMadhavan gives scintillating & honest performance, a remarkable cameo by #SRK... Truly Masterpiece...
A MUST watch!

CK Review: #Rocketry (Tamil|2022) - THEATRE
Biopic of Scientist Nambi Narayanan. Should Appreciate Maddy's efforts & Perf. Simran gud. Suriya cameo Neat. Bad choice of Foriegn actors, Artificial. Dub feel, Pace, Cinematic & Forced Emotions r minus. Bt its Informative & Engaging. WATCHABLE!

Ashwin Vignesh R: You've won
@ActorMadhavan sir!
Thanks for #Rocketry and giving us experience beyond a movie!❤️
Hard to control tears in the climax with #NambiNarayanan sir &
@Suriya_offl anna!
Loved the parallelism in climax(ISRO & NASA scientists)

Vineeta Kumar: Loved loved loved #Rocketry. Every bit of it. This is
@ActorMadhavan's best and looks like a thorough passion project. Also, #SRK doesn't have a few minutes appearance. He's there throughout the film. Such a treat... a soul film ❤️#RocketryReview #NambiNarayanan

Pushkar&Gayatri:#Rocketry is beyond amazing! Exciting AND deeply emotional! It does full justice to Nambi Narayanan's life.
@ActorMadhavan has aced it on all fronts!
So proud of you Maddy. Please give him all the awards already!
Go watch it in the theaters today!

Ramesh Bala: #Rocketry [4.5/5] :
Meticulous research by Writer and Dir
He has effectively showcased the unsung heroes #ISRO Scientists..
He deserves praise for bringing #NambiNarayanan story on screen..

Dr. Dhananjayan BOFTA: #Rocketry by @ActorMadhavan
is a must watch film this weekend in Theatres. Don't miss to experience & understand the life of the great scientist #NambiNarayanan on screen

Bhawana Somaaya: Salute to jewel of India scientist #NambiNarayan for fighting a lonely battle for decades. Salute to @ActorMadhavan for telling us the true story.
The tears have not stopped since the screening #Rocketry #Isro #India
@narendramodi @PMOIndia

Rahul Sharma: #Rocketry is a representation of what indian cinema is all about, the depth the screenplay has and the detailing is phenomenal. @ActorMadhavan has definitely made this movie possible only because of the endless love towards the craft, please watch the movie you'll feel proud❤️

Salilacharya: some films tug at your heart , frustrate you , shock you and then make you rise up and rejoice when the character youve invested 3 hrs in wins #Rocketry is a win , gut wrenching that this happened to #NambiNarayanan sir but kudos to
@ActorMadhavan for bringing this out #Bravo

Aakash Shukla: #Rocketry
One Word Review: Masterpiece

@ActorMadhavan has given more than 100% to the character. Brilliant performance. Kudos to the team.
Must watch movie.
#RocketryTheNambiEffect #NambiNarayanan

Siddarth Srinivas: #Rocketry is receiving an OUTSTANDING response from the press screening. Super happy for
@ActorMadhavan and his effort special mentions for
@Suriya_offl's cameo too!
Missed seeing it today but I'll definitely watch it in theatres!

itzritz_: SHAH RUKH KHAN presence in anything can make that thing look 100 times better! king for a reason! glad to see him on big screens back. doesn't matter the duration.

Mahatma Chugesh: Finished watching #Rocketry
What a beautiful movie, Madhvan sir has done well
SRK's powerful cameo has proved that why he is known as King
In the 10 minutes of cameo role, #ShahRukhKhan has overshadowed the entire career of #SalmanKhan