MTV Roadies is one of the most popular youth-based reality TV show. With each passing season, the show promises adrenaline rush, high octane action-packed tasks and unlimited adventure. The show is so popular thas some of the ardent viewers of Roadies have even participated in the show or are still waiting for their chance to participate.

After witnessing a year-long journey of unflinching grit, passion and adventure, the 17th season of India's longest-running adventure reality show, Roadies Revolution got their winner in Delhi boy Hamid Barkzi, who was part of celebrity leader Nikhil Chinapa's team. 

Hamid Barkzi: Roadies Revolution

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Roadies Revolution winner Hamid Barkzi spoke at length about his journey, his upcoming plans,  why his father didn't allow him to audition for Roadies and more.

Did you expect you would win Roadies Revolution?

When I started my journey in Roadies Revolutions, I wasn't performing at all. Gradually I started performing and building my confidence—all I can say is that the Roadies Revolution has been a roller coaster ride. I am glad that I performed to the best of my abilities and here I am with a trophy.

Did you always want to be a Roadie?

My dad is very strict, he didn't allow me to audition for Roadies. Last year, luckily he allowed me, and I tried my luck, I gave the audition. Participating in the show is different but coming home with a trophy is an altogether different experience.

As this year Roadies Revolution was all about making a change in the society, how will you bring it after being crowned as a winner of Roadies Revolution?

I will do anything and everything to make society and make India better. As of now, I am helping my dad.

 How do you help your dad?

As my dad is from Afghanistan , a lot of patients from other countries come to India for treatment. They require translators,  aur yeh mere dad ne shuru Kia tha, (My dad has set up a system for translation), so the people who come from other countries and hospital staff find it easier to understand the language. This was the revolution that I helped in creating. This doesn't count in Roadies as this was done before I entered into the competition. 

Roadies Revolution winner Hamid

You want to be an actor, have you started preparing for the same?

I have been offered,  but acting is not easy, you have to ace your craft and work towards it. I will learn about acting. There are a lot of nuances that go into acting, so at the moment I am focusing on learning acting.

You were in Nikhil Chinapa's team. Did you opt to go in his team, or wanted to be in Rannvijay, Prince Narula's team?

Obviously, Rannvijay sir is the don of MTV, and I wanted to go in Prince Narula's team. However, in some rounds, I vibed into Nikhil's. Teams are not formed immediately and gradually after PI, interviews, final rounds, things started to fall in place. I am so glad that I was in Nikhil sir's team. He always motivated me to perform and encouraged me to fight my fear. There were instances wherein I wouldn't go at one go and perform the task, rather I would wait for others to get done first. Gradually, I was able to overcome it in my Roadies Revolution journey. Fitness is not all about having a good body and muscles. Fitness is staying calm, patient and vigilant while performing a task.  That's what Nikil sir taught me. I started winning all the tasks post lockdown. All this helped me boost my confidence.

What's next?

 I will be focussing on acting. There is nothing in the pipeline as of now.