When the horrifying live visuals of a joyride crashing down with a thud went viral on social media, many rued on the poor attitude towards caution and public safety in India. Rightfully so, since the unfortunate incident happened on a busy Sunday evening when many children, among others were aboard the swing.

Suspended at a distance of 50 metres above the ground, the swing suddenly broke and fell, critically injuring at least 16 people including five children. The swing was a part of the popular annual fair at Dussehra ground in Phase-8, Mohali.

swing broke

When the swing broke, many at the fair rushed to the site to help out the injured. While, one woman was immediately rushed to the nearby Fortis Hospital, Mohali, others have been admitted to Civil Hospital. Many of those who were in the swing at the time it fell, have sustained back, neck and jaw injuries. The fete, which has been named London Bridge, was initially scheduled till August 31 but due to heavier footfalls, got extended to September 11.

What is the administration saying?

When IBTimes got in touch with one of the onlookers at the fair, Rashmeet Kaur, she said, "It was scary for the onlookers as well. The loud crashing sound, at first made us believe that all those onboard will sustain critical severe injuries. There was no security that could immediately swing into action, in case of a mishap at the fair. The onlookers called for ambulance and helped the victims out, at first."

When the police officials, from DSP Harsimran Singh to deputy commissioner Amit talwar to organiser of the fete Sunny Singh, were contacted, they all said an enquiry will be held on the matter and strict action will be taken against those negligent. Netizens fumed while looking at the video where swing broke unlatched suddenly from the pole before falling.

"It's the administration that earns from such cultural activities and fairs, but do they check for the security and safety of such fairs. It's their failure," wrote a user. Some one added, "India is not the place for such joyrides. The tickets are too low to maintain such rides and also pay salaries."