Richa Pallod has spoken about her two-decade old Tamil movie Shahjahan and recalled her experience working with her co-star Vijay, while also speaking about his stardom.

Vijay and Richa Pallod
Vijay and Richa Pallod worked in Shahjahan.PR Handout

'Overwhelming Response from Fans'
In an interview with a website, Richa Pallod stated that people still love the songs from the movie and share the song and dance videos with her on social media. The actress makes sure to appreciate the tagged posts. "The songs were just out of the world. I still hear it and get goosebumps," she praised the songs.

Dancing with Vijay
On dancing alongside Thalapathy, she said, "I had to struggle and work hard on those dance steps and matching with Vijay was not easy. I am a classical dancer and for me to adapt to any form or modern dance was challenging. There was lot of fun,"

The actress gets excited because the youngsters, who were not born when the movie was released, enjoy the numbers and appreciate it. "People from the all over the world shoot themselves, dance for it and send it to me. I try to appreciate each and every post and send them a little note," she adds.

According to her, the popularity of the numbers grew with time and became timeless songs.

Vijay and Richa Pallod in Shahjahan.PR Handout

The actress also said that she was thrilled to watch the 'first day first show' of Shahjahan and she was blown away by the fans response. She used to see herself in 30-second ads and wondered how she would see herself in a 3-hour film!

Talking about Vijay, she said, "He was a superstar even then. He has taken superstardom to another level. I think he always had it in him. You don't become a star just like that you are a star because you really have it in you,"

On the Master actor's fitness, she added, "He has not grown an inch more in the last 20 years. He has been so fit. He is amazing."