After beau Ali Fazal turned batman and helped those in need, Richa Chadha too has come out to extend her hand towards the Covid – 19 relief packages. However, the diva chose to donate groceries to the local gurudwara since they weren't ready to accept money. Richa feels one should take baby steps in these contributions and extend a helping hand as much and as far as they can.

Richa was so touched by the gesture that she decided to help them in whatever way she could. While getting her regular supply of weekly ration, the actress called for an additional supply of food grains and pulses and donated that to the Gurudwara. Over and above that, the actress is supporting grass-root NGOs and volunteer groups in fundraising efforts.

Richa Chadha
Richa ChadhaPR

Richa Chadha makes a valid point

Richa says, "It's the time when our humanity is being tested and I believe in the goodness in people. People have really come together. This pandemic is bringing out the worst and best in humans. While some are making racist, communal comments, civil society is going out of its way to care of animals, along with humans. It's not about the big gestures or who donated how many crores. I am only talking about this, because I urge others to do the same, take baby steps. When I contacted the people at The Gurudwara, they said they will accept ration and not money. So I went with the amount of groceries I could procure nearby, which was little, like 10-20 kgs. Now I have learnt that they need as much as 250 kgs every single day, so I am figuring out a wholesale place that can get me food grains and pulses in that large quantity.

The actress further said, "Many can't afford to donate lots of money, but that shouldn't stop them from doing their bit. Even if you can support one person, or one family at this time, that's good. People may say how does it make a difference? It's just one person. But it makes a difference to that one person, because that person is no longer hungry. We must be kind to each other in these times."