With masks being in high demand and short supply due to the Covid-19 pandemic, two youngsters in Madhya Pradesh are using innovative ideas for making cheap masks.

Mountaineers Shobhit Nath Sharma and Megha Parmar have made screen sheet masks by using stationery items. The masks are as cheap as Rs 10. They said that the same mask will cost Rs 200 in the market.

N95 masks
N95 masks

They added that the masks have been prepared by using only one elastic, 40 cm of rubber, transparent film and double side tape.

Mountaineers manufacture masks

The masks made by Shobhit Nath Sharma and Megha Parmar are being distributed among the sanitation workers. Some doctors have also started using this mask. Even the police personnel have asked the duo to make masks for them.

Sharma is a also a trader while Parmar is the first woman from Madhya Pradesh to scale the heights of Mount Everest. She is the brand ambassador of Beti Padhao Beti Bachao campaign.

She said, "When you want to help others from your heart, you find some way. We were sitting at home due to the lockdown, and were thinking how to help people in this grim situation. Then this idea came to Shobhit and we started making masks."

How to wear face mask

This mask can be reused after cleaning with sanitizers.