What do dogs give us humans when we approach them? Joyful tail wags, loving nose rubs, heart-melting looks that say "Can I get a treat?". And what do we give them in return? The pelting of stones, beatings, hurling of abuses, and any other inhuman acts conceivable. Reflecting this increasingly beastly attitude of man towards his best friend, a retired public servant set two stray puppies ablaze while they were still alive. What was the poor creatures' mistake? Seeking shade from the sun!

The horrific incident of animal cruelty in Nagpur, a city in the state of Maharashtra in India, came to light on Saturday after several NGOs took to social media and posted the video of the crime to draw the attention of law enforcement authorities to it. The culprit, Uttam Kumar Das, a retired Tehsildar, brutally assaulted the puppies with a stick. Following this, he burnt the incapacitated animals while they were still alive.

Merciless Execution

A stray puppy (Representational Picture)Pxhere

According to the posts, the puppies sought shade from the sun in the shed outside Das' house. In the video shared, the criminal can be seen approaching the animals with a long stick. He begins striking the puppies mercilessly with the weapon. As the poor animals cry in pain, he repeatedly strikes them. Soon the cries stop and the helpless creatures lies motionless.

After this, he can be seen pushing the immobile puppies with the stick and dragging them towards the debris outside a compound wall. While the video ends there, it was learnt that the animals, despite being completely still, were alive. However, Das set the puppies ablaze. Activists shared images of the charred remains of the guiltless creatures.

No Action Initiated

Das arguing with activistsInstagram Screengrab/ @streetdogsofbombay

In another video shared as part of the post, the killer can be seen arguing with activists confronting him. He can be heard arrogantly questioning, "Should I have waited for it to bite me?" NGOs from the city of Nagpur have filed an FIR (first information report) with the police. However, no action has been initiated against Das.

The crime occurred in an area that lies within the limits of the Manakpur Police Station in Nagpur. Several animal welfare groups have been sharing the post on Instagram to draw the attention of higher authorities to the crime and to seek justice for the murder of the faultless puppies.