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mental health

Why well-paid wife is injurious to hubby's mental health

An interesting study has found that husbands are least stressed when their wives earn up to 40 per cent of household income but become increasingly uncomfortable as their spouse's wages rise beyond that point and are most stressed when they are entirely economically dependent on their partner. 23 days ago
James Sangma

95-year-old Meghalaya Church gutted, two killed

Built-in 1924, the fire broke out in the Church at about 3.30 a.m. and left the wooden structured place of worship totally gutted. Several houses adjacent to the Church were damaged due to the impact of blazing fire. 25 days ago

Bacteria in the gut may alter ageing process: Study

All living organisms, including human beings, coexist with a myriad of microbial species living in and on them, and research conducted over the last 20 years has established their important role in nutrition, physiology, metabolism and behaviour. 26 days ago
Delhi pollution Play

Wind helps Delhi air quality improve slightly

According to reports, an increase in local Delhi wind speed is forecasted for the next three days which may increase ventilation and improve air quality marginally and the stubble transport-level winds are now from North and relatively offside for stubble transport. 26 days ago
Iran Play

Protests erupt in Iran over fuel price hike

The price of a litre of regular gasoline had gone up to 15,000 rials (12.7 US cents) from 10,000 rials and the monthly ration for each private automobile was set at 60 litres per month 26 days ago