The latest crash test results of the New Car Assessment Program conducted by Latin NCAP, has resulted in four stars for the basic version of the Renault Duster in adult occupant protection and two stars in child occupant protection.

The Duster on test was the basic version produced and purchased in Colombia with only driver side airbag. The report from the Latin NCAP explains the tested variant of the model offered marginal protection to both adult passengers' chests. The crash could have hit the passenger's head with the dashboard as this version has no passenger airbag.

The vehicle's manual claims to have a version equipped with ISOFIX anchorages for the Child Restraint Systems. However, the unit tested by Latin NCAP did not have those anchorages.

The particular model is sold as Dacia in Europe offers double front and side passenger protection, ISOFIX and Electronic Stability Control system (ESC) as standard in the most basic safety version.

"I welcome manufacturers' initiative of making efforts to achieve good results for adult occupants and to improve the standard safety versions of the cars they offer to consumers. But at the same time I am very disappointed to know that these manufacturers make these efforts intended only for adult occupants, absolutely relegating child safety. It is worrying to know they are satisfied with a two stars results and I ask myself if they let their children travel in these vehicles knowing that they do not provide good protection during a crash," said Maria Fernanda Rodriguez, President of Latin NCAP.

The Duster is a popular SUV in India and Renault sells the basic RXE version in India without either driver side or passenger side airbags. The Latin NCAP results are only applicable to cars sold in Latin America. However, the result also raises some eyebrows on the safety of the Duster manufactured and sold in India.