Tum Bin will always remain one of the greatest love stories we have seen on the big screen. With a stellar star cast of Sandali Sinha, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Himanshu Malik, and Raqesh Bapat; it was a film that just never gets old. Though the star cast of the film has not had the kind of success they deserved, they all still enjoy a massive fan following.

Himanshu Malik
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Himanshu Malik's transformation

We recently came across a picture of actor Himanshu Malik who played the role of Abhi Gyan in the film. And he looked totally different. However, Himanshu still looked like his dapper self with that million-watt smile and positivity oozing through his personality. We also caught a glimpse of his Tum Bin co-star, Sandali Sinha, in one of his photos on social media.

After Tum Bin, Himanshu was seen in films like - Khwahish opposite Mallika Sherawat. LOC Kargil as Major Vivek Gupta, Rakht, Roh, Koi Aap Sa and a few more. But, none of his roles managed to touch our hearts the way Tum Bin did.

What went wrong back then

"I got a glimpse of how the industry is soon after Tum Bin and it disturbed me a lot. That was a time when magazines used to be huge. So I got a call from one huge magazine publication, asking me to have an affair. 'If you have an affair with an upcoming actress, it makes for a good story', I was told," Himanshu was quoted telling Navbharat Times.

The actor has now turned filmmaker with Chitrakut. The film features Auritra Ghosh, Vibhore Mayank, Naina Trivedi, and Kiran Srinivas.