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It was in 2004 that scientists discover asteroid Apophis, a large space body screeching across space in a mindblowing speed. Initially, after analysing the space rock, NASA suggested that this asteroid may hit the earth either in 2029 or 2036. However, further studies ruled out this possibility, and the space agency made it clear that asteroid Apophis is not posing any threat to the blue planet.

NASA goes wrong in calculating the asteroid's trajectory?

However, Michael Horn, a self-proclaimed scientist and official representative for alleged alien contactee Billy Meier believes that NASA has completely gone wrong in studying the trajectory of asteroid Apophis. He believes that earth's possible collision with Apophis is quite likely, and he has recently urged space agencies to formulate an effective action plan to protect the planet from a doomsday event.

In a recent interaction with, Michael Horn revealed that it may be the aftermath of the asteroid hit that will cause the biggest loss to life rather than the initial deadly strike. He also added that people should try to stay away from the impact zone post the asteroid hit.

"The only thing that they could possibly do should this thing, whatever object it is if it is unalterable and can't be changed from its course, they would have to be as far away from the impact as possible. In an area that is good geologically. But truthfully there is nothing that can be done beyond that. That is because should a massive object hit, the chain of circumstances while predictable they have unpredictable ones as well," said Horn.

Horn also warned that powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis will be triggered due to the collateral hit by Apophis on earth's surface. He also predicted that the asteroid hit will destabilize nuclear power facilities depending on the severity of earthquakes.

"There may earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could be expected from any asteroid impacts including God of Chaos Apophis. If you have an impact like that on the planet, severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happening in countries with nuclear power plants become vulnerable. Some of these power plants are foolishly put on fault lines," added Horn.

Horn predicts the possible impact area

Earlier, Horn had claimed that the impact of asteroid Apophis could pull the planet to pre-historic ages. Horn also believes that the asteroid will hit earth somewhere between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

In the meantime, NASA is currently busy developing a planetary defense weapon to protect the earth from possible asteroid impacts in the future. Using this weapon, NASA is planning to change the collision course trajectory of asteroids using a large spacecraft.