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Actress Raveena Tandon minces no words when it comes to speaking about how she has been subjected to unfair treatment by the industry people. Previously, the Mohra girl had opened up about how she being thrown out of a movie hours before its launch, toxic star culture and favouritism in Bollywood.

And now, the evergreen actress has made a shocking revelation about certain Bollywood heroes who considered her 'arrogant' for refusing to sleep with them.

"There used to be these cabals which used to have the heroes, their girlfriends and their journalist chamchas. What used to shock me was that a lot of these female journalists would do something like this to another woman. When they now stand up and say, we're feminists and writing ulta-feminist columns, I'm like really? That time, they never supported me because the hero promised them the next cover. There was a monopoly happening at that time. I may not have lost movies because of honesty but a lot of dirt was written about me. I never clawed on people's back, played cut throat politics and never stepped on people's toes either," Raveena Tandon was quoted as saying by Pinkvilla.

She continued, "I didn't have godfathers, wasn't part of camps and didn't have heroes promoting me. I was not sleeping around with heroes for roles or having affairs. In a lot of cases, I was considered arrogant because I wasn't pandering to what the heroes wanted me to do - laughing when they wanted me to laugh, sitting when they asked me to sit. I was doing my own thing. Surprisingly, female journalists would always try to being me down. I just wanted to live on my own terms."

Raveena on being dumped from a film

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The 46-year old, in her previous interview with Hindustan Times, had said that politics exist in Bollywood, but points out that in every industry there are good and bad people. "This is what I had written in my tweet also. And there are bad people who do plan your failure; I've been through it. They are the ones who would want to see you down and removed from films. It's literally like classroom politics. They play dirty games," Raveena had said.

On the work front, Raveena will be seen playing an important role in KGF 2 starring Yash in the lead. It also stars Sanjay Dutt as the antagonist. The movie is being directed by Prashanth Neel and is expected to hit the theatres in October this year.