Rashmika Mandanna with Rakshit Shetty
Rashmika Mandanna with Rakshit Shetty.PR Handout

Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty reportedly called off their engagement and the couple's breakup has led to a heated argument between their fans, who are abusing each other on social media. Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty engagement pics.

The rumours about Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty's breakup started doing rounds in the media after the actress shared a poster of Geetha Govindam featuring her bold scene with Vijay Devarakonda. But their manager had slammed the reports, saying everything is fine between the couple. Some fans of the actor, who were upset with the poster, had gone on troll and abuse her.

A month after this incident, the rumours of their split once again emerged on the internet. It is reported that Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty have called off their engagement, due compatibility issues. "It is a difficult decision for both the actors, but they should take the tough call keeping their careers in mind. At this stage, both the families have advised them to focus on their work," a source told IBTimes.

Rakshit Shetty's fans are apparently very furious with the report about his breakup with Rashmika. Some of them took her Instagram account and responded to her post. They abused her for cheating him. They feel that she used him to get offers and dumped him after she hogged the limelight in Tollywood. Here are some comments posted in response the actress.

Shivrajsdeshmukh: Karma will teach u good lesson Ms.Rashmika.. wait and see.. plz guys boycott her all movies.. if u agree hit like #Unfollowed_u_Golddigger sanath_gowdaa@anushree_

Meghanauday: I think the hit of Geethagovindam has made ur head reel. U are so unstable. Out of blue, decided to marry a star when u were nobody and now just bcos u are signing big movies in Telugu u want to break up after engagement. Awesom girl ur stardom will take u heights. U can make lots of fan but frm my family of 4, I lost all of us. Dono how many feel the same way like me.

Shamlireddy: U only fit for showing ur teeths every tym do learn some acting as well it's better u plz don't come to kannada u used such gentleman for sake of chance disgusting women and nw ua thinking u ll became star in tollywood plz don't dream bcz thr are many legendry actresses in telgu lyk anushka sheety karma will hit back then u ll get to kno the pain of others u idiotic women just wait fr ua turn karma ll not lev anyone

Sinchana95: To all those who supported this s***. Speak up now u fools...this bi*** has revealed her character to u now.. but we knew it long back whatta s*** she was in college itself s**l* mu**** don't change... paah let her not take awy @thedeverakonda n spoil his life too...she went to tfi n spoilt the industry name n her name next she'll ruin the nation only bloody m*****f***** on earth hope she reads this comment n people like u deserve to die @rashmika_mandanna S********

On the other hand, Rashmika fans are questioning the patriarchal society. If Rakshit can romance an actress, why Rashmika can't do the same with any other actor.

Rashmikamandannafanā€¸ @Geethamadam

Looks like the engagement is cancelled and it is official. Unfortunately we live in a patriarchal society and #RashmikaMandanna will have to bear the brunt. I hope she musters all her courage to overcome this tough situation and get back to work as early as possible @iamRashmika Needless to say, we can't wait to see your gorgeous smile back on the screen and comeback into the limelight through #DevaDas promotions as early as possible @iamRashmika #RashmikaMandanna

Sheethal @sheethal_r

#RashmikaMandanna I am sorry for you. Reading tweets and memes about you is so disheartening. People are sentimental but it isnt an excuse to abuse a girl for her choices in life ! We #Kannadigas aren't so cheap !! Lets be true Kannadigas !


After seeing all the comments I am sad to conclude that we the ppl are so indulged in judging others like anything..nor they have control over what they are talking nor they have maturity to understand that a love relationship can be judged only by two ppl that is you and your partner.As of current situation it looks like you are on the wrong side but believe me every life situation has two sides. I am not here to judge anybody you or people. Just make clear that you are your life's owner and don't let yourself to become victim of negativity that is social media nowadays. Only wearers knows where the shoe pinches, you and your partner can only understand what is really going wrong. Stay happy stay blessed :)