Actress Rashmika Mandanna, who has made a name for herself in the Tamil and Telugu film industries, on Thursday announced that she had completed five years in the film industry and shared some lessons she had learnt during this period.

Taking to social media, she wrote, "It's been five years of me in the film industry. Like woahhhh how did that happen. Guys, couple of things I've learnt all these years -

1. Time is flying by too fast make memories each day.

2. How to be truly genuinely happy from the bottom of the heart. I am happy.

3. I've realised nothing in life is easy. Got to always always keep fighting for what you want. Be alert, be on your toes, be grounded, be grateful but always keep fighting.

Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika MandannaTwitter

4. But also be patient. Wait, be patient. Things will take its place. It might be hard and taxing but be patient and calm also.

5. Other people always have something to teach you, so always be open to learn. You should be able to unlearn and learn many things.

6. Don't carry emotional baggages -- physical baggages, mental baggages. Let go! Learn to let go. 7. Give time for things in life you want to work out. Example, if it's a career - give time to that. If it's love - give time to that. If it's family - give time to that. If it's you - give time to yourself. Your time is yours. So you choose but remember time and flights will never wait for you.

Rashmika Mandanna

8. Eat cleaner, sleep better, workout harder, smile bigger, love more openly.

9. People don't owe you anything so you don't have to do favours to anyone. You can and you should think of yourself first. And many more. I'll keep going on and on. I'll speak of all of this one day but for now these."