Multilingual actress Rashmi Prabhakar has got engaged to her beau Nikhil Bhargava in an intimate ceremony. She introduced her husband-to-be by posting engagement photos on her social media page.

Rashmi Prabhakar Engagement Photos
Rashmi Prabhakar engagement.Rashmi Prabhakar Instagram

Rashmi Prabhakar's Engagement Pics
The actress, who shot to fame with Kannada serial Lakshmi Baramma, kept giving hints on social media about the special development in her life. She started the series of her posts by sharing a picture of flowers with a message "Let me take you all Through a Beautiful story."

Many fans assumed that she might have signed a new project and was about to announce the news of it. Even as fans eagerly awaited her big announcement, she shared her solo snap with the headline "an untold fairytale."

She captioned, "A beautiful princess, and a self made queen .She is a flowing river with fire in her womb. She is a Manifestor Who Believes in the Universe , and it's Miracles ❤️And one fine day..*To be Continued* [sic]"

This post left many confused, but she quickly posted another picture with a message, "And one day, she meets him. An amazing person who makes her believe in friendship, values , equal respect and opportunities.. She starts flowing in a better place , a better world❤️ To be Continued...[sic]"

In the following post, she wrote, "As she was still thinking, he made her believe her magic and miracles. His universe was getting closer to hers.. the prince loved to surprise her , There was lightning and thunderstorms while he went down on his knees to walk together for a lifetime .. The princess is in awe , but is it a YES? [sic]"

But the actress did not reveal the picture of her beau and his face was unmasked in the engagement snap. "Hitched to the Prince of my life," she announced the news of her engagement to the world.

Who is Rashmi Prabhakar?
She began her journey in the small screen with Shubha Vivaha. She ventured into Tamil TV industry with Arundhati. However, Kannada serial Lakshmi Baramma made her a household name.

After walking out of Manasella Neene serial, she is currently working in Telugu daily soap Kavyaanjali.