Rani Mukherji
Rani Mukherji at Durga Puja [Varindar Chawla]Varindar Chawla

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherji and director Aditya Chopra became a trending topic on Twitter, soon after the news of their wedding broke out on Tuesday. 

Twitteratis wished the couple a happy married life but along with them, Chopra's younger brother and "Dhoom" series actor Uday Chopra was also trending on the social networking site.

However, Uday became the butt of jokes on Twitter after he posted: "We welcome Rani Chopra to the family...lots of love to the newlyweds. Wishing voldemort and bhabhi voldemort all the love and happiness".

Hilarious jokes and memes on Uday started pouring in, after the news broke out.

Here are some of the jokes and memes on Uday:

(Ed: VP)

Usman Saifi: #UdayChopra trending on the eve of Aditya chopra's wedding . This is called Real Stardom...:-D

Saptarshi: Now, Chopra household has both the ends of acting spectrum!! Must be a proud moment. :) #UdayChopra #RaniMukerji

manoj saraswat monu: #UdayChopra OHHh was he invited in Adi's wedding.?"

Taniya Mehta: Finally, #RaniMukerji married #AdityaChopra ..but there seems to be no Surya"üday for our #UdayChopra

Rakesh V Chandran: First time in history, #UdayChopra is trending without Dhoom! Thanks to #AdityaChopra #RaniMukherjee

Siddhartha Sharma: #UdayChopra needlessly trending as the best man in #AdityaChopra and #RaniMukerji wedding... #twitter never disappoints

misquoted Manmohini: Rani mukherjee has to take care of her husband, her mother in law and a chimp whose name is Uday Chopra.

Vishal Koul: Rani Mukharjee took a brave step by marrying with Adi Chopra despite knowing the fact that she would get a Devar like Uday Chopra.