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The wait is over! Puneet Rajkumar starrer much-awaited "Rana Vikrama" finally hit the screens on Friday, 10 April. The Kannada movie has opened to positive reviews from the Sandalwood audience.

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Since the day it was launched, "Rana Vikrama" generated curiosity in the minds of the fans as Puneet Rajkumar, who mostly opts for a tried and tested filmmaker, chose a young filmmaker like Pawan Wadeyar to direct the movie.

May be the success of Pawan Wadeyar's earlier films made Puneet Rajkumar trust the director's abilities. Soon, the cast and crew were finalised. Anjali and Adah Sharma were roped in to play the female leads with Jnanapith laureate Girish Karnad, Charan Raj, Rangayana Raghu, Vikram Singh, Sadhu Kokila, Ashok, Avinash and many others were signed for the supporting cast.

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"Rana Vikrama" has the music of V Harikrishna, Vaidhy S's cinematography and Suresh SA's editing. The movie is produced by Jayanna and Bhogendra. The movie is made with the budget of more than Rs 10 crore and is easily the most expensive project of Puneet Rajkumar's career.

The Kannada movie has opened to positive reviews from netizens. People on Twitter has praised Puneet Rajkumar's performance to heavens and Ravi Varma's stunts have been highly appreciated. In total, it is complete action entertainer. Below, we bring you live Twitter audience response:

Srivatsa Preran Tweeted
@PavanWadeyar superb film sir u gave us wat was expected than tat @RanaVikramaFilm @NamCinema

Nandish Jyothi Tweeted
@PavanWadeyar #ranavikrama super film guru,climax ultimate KFI standards increased power* sakath performance :):)
#Ranavikrama complete #action packed #action #action #action #heroism, lacks realism though @PavanWadeyar

Balaji Posted
#RanaVIkrama power star is back with action packed @PavanWadeyar good movie power pack..

Manoj Rawath Manoj Wrote
@PavanWadeyar @FilmibeatKa. U ppls r taking sandalwood to Top.. #Ranavikrama suprrroo suprrrruuuu luv u do another film with Appu

Shabarish C kumar Wrote
@PavanWadeyar superb film sir.. Climax fight was just incredible.. I have watched in hospet at 2 am

Manju KANNADIGAಹೂಗರ್ Posted
@PavanWadeyar @FilmibeatKa @PavanWadeyar sir ppz edit 1st half political scens little bit bor aste bitre superb movie fm bellary

Shashiprasad S M Posted
#Ranavikrama kickstarts in #Santosh with the fag end of #British rule in India
#Ranavikrama dramatic interval. #Fans forcefully stop #Ranna theatrical preview in #Santosh @PavanWadeyar @KicchaSudeep #Sandalwood #unruly
#Ranavikrama huge commotion in theatres. Projector being broken soon after #Ranna theatrical shown in #Santosh. #Fans go berserk

OnlySandalwood ‏Wrote
#Ranavikrama Swalpa local language nalli helbekandre @PavanWadeyar yelli ittidyappa e story matte dialogues na?
#Ranavikrama Best movie of the year 2015. Appu performance, @PavanWadeyar tight narration and unique dialogues, Harikrishna bgm awesome...
#Ranavikrama @adah_sharma will play the role of bubbly girl .After looking into her everyone wish to have a girlfriend like her..
#Ranavikrama Mukyamanthri Chandru, Girish Karnad will play the role of politicians very easily. You will love the conversation between them.
#Ranavikrama main plus point is Appu, unique story, narration and dialogues (both witty and punch)#Ranavikrama Complete one man show.. Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar stuns with his performance. Appu fans will definitely go mad :-)

Kannada Cinema Posted
Massive entry by Powerstar killing a British Viceroy!

Lovkik Posted
#Ranavikrama Heavy story, tries hard to entertain but stumbles by being too formulaic. Thankfully no unnecessary comedy track or songs.
So Sahasa Sarvabhouma is the title given to @stuntraviverma & he strongly justifies it in #RanaVikrama as the stunts are the saving grace.

NiShu Posted
#Ranavikrama :MasS entertainment with PoWerful diloGs! #PuneethRajkumar stealed d shOw! 3.5/5 !

Kiran Gowda Wrote
#Ranavikrama Amazing performance by appu. Awesome storyline and climax. Totally a complete entertainer. Dont miss.

Manju Tweeted
@punithrajkumar_ @adah_sharma #ranavikrama superb movie, @PavanWadeyar
@praveenpspk1 enjoy bro, movie nodi maja maadi ;) #Ranavikrama
#Ranavikrama interval. Good so far. Engaging screenplay by @PavanWadeyar.

Kannada Cinema Posted
1st half completed !
Simply superb!
Review updating soon!

Masterpiece2015 Posted
@RanaVikramaFilm #Ranavikrama chind movi.making
extraordinary appu boss acting
superrr climax sakath
rating- 4/5 must watch @shriraj_bhat

Suhas Wrote
#ranavikrama Its not just an film.. It is beyond that.we hv some Unbelievable things on screen Credits to the whole team and especialy appu

Adarsh Kulkarni Tweeted
@PavanWadeyar #Ranavikrama mind blowing action movie sir..concept is very good, screenplay is speechless,we have never seen such an action

PSR Wrote
@stuntraviverma u made #Ranavikrama climax stunner, mind-blowing, Tremendous Totally climax turns 2 awful movie.
#Ranavikrama brings how d political ppl r careless & how easily British ppl easily acquire our nation. @PavanWadeyar sir gave a gud msg 2 us