Trust Ram Gopal Varma contribute in keeping social media a buzzing place and he never disappoints. Something similar happened when RGV shared picture and video of him being interviewed by actress Ashu Reddy. The Bigg Boss fame girl was seen sitting on the sofa while RGV sat on the floor next to her.

Ram Gopal Varma, Ashu Reddy
Ram Gopal Varma, Ashu ReddyInstagram

RGV's tweet

What has left netizens shocked is Varma's vulgar gestures towards the actress where he is seen not only caressing her feet but sucking on her toes too. The Company director first shared a picture with Reddy and wrote, "Where is the DANGEROUS mark in ASHU REDDY. Full video in 30 min. at 9.30 pm." He then shared a full 30-minute interview video with the actress where he was seen being interviewed by Reddy on his upcoming film - Dangerous.

Netizens react

RGV said that he was sitting on the sofa to remind everyone that women should always be uplifted. During the course of the interview, he not only kissed her feet but also sucked on her toes after taking her permission. Netizens have lashed out at the director and the actress for their "distasteful" video. "Disgusting," said one user. "This is not meant for youtube," wrote another user.

Dangerous, directed by Ram Gopal Varma is based on homosexuality and features Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly in the lead roles. The movie is all set to go on floors on December 9.