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Ram Gopal Varma slammed Osmania University Joint Action Committee (OU JAC) president Sampath and his mates for attacking his office. The director, who is set to release Power Star on July 25, called them jokers.

Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for courting controversies, irked Pawan Kalyan fans with his tweets on several occasions. They were furious to see the promos of Power Star, which is based on the life of Pawan Kalyan and trolled him. Yesterday, he claimed that he was getting threats from them and also said that some of them were conspiring to crash his OTT platform.

On Thursday evening, RGV claimed that some Pawan Kalyan fans posing as Jana Sena Party members attacked his office. He tweeted, "P k fans claiming to be janasena members attacked my office and they have been thrown out into the lockup by my guards and Cops ..I want to kiss and make love to them for giving me more publicity for POWER STAR."

RGV's movie Power Star still
RGV's movie Power Star stillTwitter

After attacking RGV's office, OU JAC president Sampath and his friends visited the police station and filed a complaint against him for showing Pawan Kalyan in a bad light in Power Star. Talking to media, he hurled anger against the director and asked him to face the consequences after releasing the movie.

Unfazed Ram Gopal Varma sought clarification from OU JAC on the people who attacked his office. He tweeted, "I had tremendous respect for OU JAC with their achievements in so many various great things including creation of TELANGANA STATE but am shocked with these attacking jokers claiming to be a part of that same organisation..I hope OU JAC will clarify if these idiots belong to them?"

Amidst all this, the trailer of Power Star has received over 3.5 million views on the YouTube channel of RGV. Many of his fans gathered at his office after hearing the news about the attack. The filmmaker tweeted a video and captioned it with, "Wow these are my fans who came to my office hearing about P k fans."