Power Star movie first look
Power Star movie first lookTwitter

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has finally released the much-awaited first look of his upcoming movie Power Star featuring Pawan Kalyan's lookalike. The poster is now creating havoc on social media.

Ever since Ram Gopal Varma launched the movie Power Star, the filmgoers have been waiting to witness its first look. The director announced its release date last night, July 8. He tweeted, "RGVWORLDTHEATRE is releasing the first look poster of POWER STAR tomorrow morning at 11.37 am ..it is a completely fictional film and resemblance to any real people is coincidentally incidental."

Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter account this morning to remind his followers about the launch of the first look of Power Star. Later, the controversial director tweeted the poster along with the caption "Here is the first look poster of POWER STAR film soon to release in RGVWORLDTHEATRE #JaiPowerStar."

The first look of Power Star 

As soon as the first look of Power Star surfaced the social media, it started going viral with many of RGV's fans circulating it within minutes of its release leaving many impressed. But Pawan Kalyan's fans are furious with the poster, as they are worried that the director may show him in a negative shade. In reply to his post, some of the fans warned him against doing it.

RGV's Power Star hero
RGV's Power Star heroScreenshot of Tiktok

However, the director announced Power Star on Twitter on June 28. RGV tweeted, "BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR ..it will be starring PK, MS, NB , TS, a Russian woman, four children, 8 buffaloes and RGV. No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV'sPOWERSTAR."

Later, Ram Gopal Varma released the video featuring a doppelganger of Pawan Kalyan walking out of his office. He wrote, "Here is the STAR of my new film POWER STAR. This shot was taken when he visited my office. Any resemblance to any other person is incidentally coincidental and intentionally unintentional."

RGV added, "Me announcing POWER STAR film the same day as Pawan Kalyan announcing KAPU NESTHAM is pure destiny and there's no conspiracy on his or my part. I don't know anything about KAPU NESTHAM and am sure he doesn't know about POWER STAR This I swear on all his fans including ME."