Rakul Preet Singh's mother Rini Singh has opened up on a topic that the actress had shied away from talking all these while. Well, she has hinted that the wedding of their daughter in their minds.

Rakul Preet Singh's Marriage
Rakul Preet Singh's mother has spoken about her wedding.PR Handout

Rakul not Listening!
In an interview with a website, Rini Singh has claimed that they have been asking her to find a boy, but the actress has not paid any heed to their words. "I have been telling her to find a boy for sometime now. But she doesn't listen to me. So now, we will only find it for her," she is quoted as saying.

Responding to her mother's comment, Rakul said, "The problem is my mother feels I'm going to scare away all the boys because of my discipline." Then, Rini Singh reveals about her daughter rejecting the proposals that they bring.

"Whoever we get for her, she rejects. She wants someone who'd be better than her. If she's 20, I'm okay with someone, who's 18. But she wants someone who's 21." she further adds.

Rakul Blames Brother for her Single Status
In the numerous of interviews, Rakul Preet Singh has stated that she is single. Recently, she put the blame on her brother Aman for her 'single' status. Whenever I would talk to boys in school, my brother would complain to my parents. I remember, once I was holding a plate of food and stood next to a boy and two girls. After going home, my brother told my parents that I was feeding that guy," the hottie, on a lighter note, is quoted as saying in an interview.

Rakul Preet Singh
Rakul Preet Singh.Instagram

The actress was linked up with Rana Daggubati for some time. However, she had denied the rumours stating that they are good friends. "We're neighbours. We are the closest group of friends with Lakshmi Manchu who is also one of my best friends and Rana Daggubati is also one of my closest friends. Ghazi star has been a friend since I started my film journey," the actress claimed.