Actress-dancer Rakhi Sawant never minces her words and is known for speaking her heart and mind. The reality TV star is facing a lot of trouble in her marital life, and has been detailing every move about her problematic personal life.

Rakhi Sawant

The actress is grieving the loss of her mother Jaya Sawant who passed away after a prolonged illness, last month. She was suffering from a brain tumour and cancer. Amidst her big loss, Rakhi has alleged her husband Adil Durrani of domestic violence and harassing her. She has also said that he took Rs 1.5 crores from her jewelry and car.

Rakhi Sawant files a complaint against her husband Adil Durrani

The reality star Rakhi Sawant filed a complaint against her husband Adil Durrani, following which he has been arrested by Mumbai Police.

The Oshiwara Police filed the FIR under IPC Sec 406 and 420 against Adil Durrani. Later in the evening, the police also added sections 498 (A) and 377 of IPC in the FIR. Adil will be produced before the court on Wednesday.

While talking to media outside Mumbai's Oshiwara police station, Rakhi claimed, "He (Adil) came to beat me at home in the morning, I immediately called the police. He frequently visits my home and gives threats. Even today he came to beat me at home, and I was scared. He said that you defamed me in the media."

Rakhi's brother Rakesh also backed the actress and said Adil physically and verbally abused her

"Never thought that he will stoop down to such a level. We even forgave two or three times. The next day after the demise of our mother, when we went to Rakhi's house to feed her, that time we noticed Rakhi's face is swollen. She was crying, when our relatives asked her then she revealed that Adil has beaten her on the same day our mother passed away."

Rakhi's ex-husband Ritesh comes out in support of her

Rakhi Sawant's former husband Ritesh Singh has now come in her support. Recently, Ritesh went live on social media and shared that he will stand by Rakhi 'no matter what'. Assuring that 'I am with you', Ritesh further claimed that Rakhi had called him three months back to inform him about her and Adil's problems.

"Truth can be seen in Rakhi's eyes but it is for the court to decide. Rakhi had informed me about it three months ago, she had told me everything about it. The things that she has revealed and Rakhi is not lying," Ritesh said as quoted by E-Times.

Ritesh also recalled his conflict with Rakhi and hinted that it was the actress who cheated on her. "I have MBA, MTech, and LLB degrees and I am well off professionally. I am a self-built person. I was not short of anything. I have been cheated and people felt I am wrong. I am with you Rakhi," added Ritesh.

Rakhi married Adil last year

Rakhi revealed that she had married Adil in 2022. Taking to Instagram, she shared a photograph of their purported marriage certificate which shows that the wedding took place on May 29, 2022.